How to sleep hack if sleep hacking isn’t working…

Last weekend I did an in depth consultation with a Canadian guy with a serious lifestyle issue that most people don’t take very seriously. I think we came up with a really good multi-vector biohacking strategy to address his issue, perhaps you have the same issue. Namely, bad quality and insufficient quantity of sleep.

Here’s the thing that really frustrated the Canadian guy, he was following a lot of mainstream sleep hacking advice…

  • Wearing orange tinted glasses in the evenings.
  • Avoiding fluorescent lights or bright glowing screens before bed.
  • Supplementing magnesium and some other vitamins.
  • Exercise

…But his sleep was still pretty awful. He would wake up in the middle of the night. He felt tired and under slept all the time.

For at least a decade of my own life I suffered from bad sleep and now I sleep really great, even when I’m stressed out by the hectic entrepreneur/digital nomad life. I felt like I’ve really figured this crucial human function that so much of our happiness, productivity and health depends upon.

I’ll summarize here some advanced sleep hacking strategies I shared with him…

Before Bed Beverage regime

What I’m drinking actually has a noticeably relaxing effect on putting me to sleep, especially these beverages
3–4 hours before bed Decaffeinated Green tea
1–2 hours before bed Chamomile or Valerian tea
15–30 minutes before bed Apple-cider vinegar tea
I drink these almost every night.

Anxiolytic supplements

I would NOT use all of these every night. What I would do is cycle them throughout the week…

5–20 milligrams of this stuff gives you just the hormone you need to fall deeply asleep but using it EVERY night will desensitize the receptor site, you’ll build up a tolerance to it and then you won’t be able to fall asleep without it. But if you use it sparingly, just 1–2 times a week you won’t develop much of a tolerance. Melatonin is pretty benign stuff other than the tolerance issue, feel free to experiment with the dosage up to 50 milligrams, just don’t use it frequently!

500–1500 milligrams of this Adaptogenic herb will melt away your stress and you’ll sleep like a baby. You may even fall asleep in the middle of reading a book or cuddling with your partner. Ashwagandha you can use more frequently; 3–5 times a week.

A couple of other sleep supplements

Red strains of Kratom — This relatively benign opioid herb will really relax you before bed. I love to sip some Kratom tea while reading in the evening before bed. When I had it, I’d use it once or twice a week before before bed.

Phenibut — I’ve had some the best sleep of my life on this Gabaergic stuff! But it doesn’t work as consistently as the other sleep hacks. If you use this stuff about once a week, 500–1500 milligrams it will be awesome for your social life, your stress or your sleep. Use it more frequently and it will lose it’s luster for you!

The before bed beverage regime really is quite soothing! When you combine it with the Anxiolytic supplements you really will have great sleep, especially if you combine them with…

Mindfulness or Non-Stimulatory Thinking

Meditation is really good for your sleep. But you probably already knew that, the Canadian guy certainly did but he had a pretty common objection to meditation
I’ve used some of these different meditation apps and audio programs which are somewhat relaxing but I really don’t know if I’m doing the meditation correctly… I don’t want to waste 20 minutes a day, every day doing meditation wrong.

To which I responded
Well you could hire a meditation coach and work with them. You could read some good books on meditation. You could do a meditation retreat were all you do is meditate all day with a bunch of other people.
You could quantify your mindfulness using biofeedback technology, like…

The emWave by Heartmath, this is probably the most effective tool for this. It’s a little heart rate sensor that you wear on your ear or hold in your hand.which accurately measures your heart rate variability, a measure of the degree to which your autonomic nervous system is effectively and dynamically responding to stressors, both internal and external.

  • You spend 10–20 minutes daily training with it and it significantly improves your stress management — you will be one cool cat. It’s one of the few pieces of Biohacking tech that has good human research demonstrating it’s helpful effect.
  • I’d been meditating for several months prior to starting to use the emWave2 and it taught what it really feels like to be in a coherent meditative state.
  • It’s also the only Biohacking device I’d buy, all the rest I’m a bit skeptical of for one reason or another

emWave tech costs between $100 — $200

The next option for quantifying your mindfulness costs between free — $29

Dual N-Back software

Is a brain game that you play on your smartphone. It requires 100% of your concentration and thus is a like a RAM upgrade for your conscious mind. It teaches you what true concentration feels like and will increase your intelligence markedly over time.

The Sleep Deficit Protocol

Occasionally, despite your best efforts your going to have nights of awful or insufficient sleep. Here’s how I deal with these
Get up early. For one reason or another you wake up early and under slept, instead of hitting snooze or sleeping in or trying to take a nap later just get up and get going. You’ll experience a pleasant boost of motivation which you can use to get more done that morning than you sometimes do all day.
Cold shower. 60–120 seconds of cold water blasting you in the face first thing, will get your adrenaline and cortisol flowing. You won’t be tired for hours.

Wakefulness promoters. Here’s where the Nootropics play their, on days that I’m really facing a sleep deficit I will combine all (or some of) my wakefulness promoters.
I’ll do a morning dose and a mid — afternoon dose.
Stimulate yourself. If you’re just sitting around for hours you will inevitably get tired and unproductive. Get up. Go to the gym. Run some errands. Do some body weight exercises throughout the day.

In the evening do all the sleep hacks mentioned above and go to bed early, try to resist mindlessly browsing the web or playing on your smart phone at the end of the day.

You’ll sleep deeply so set your sleep cycle alarm clock to wake up early the next morning, around the same time you did the morning previous. Now you’ll wake up and have another awesomely productive morning BUT this time fully refreshed by the sleep you need.

Following this sleep deficit protocol my days operating on 1–5 hours of sleep are actually more productive than less. Occasional sleep defects are probably not a great long term lifestyle thing but if you’re a relatively young, healthy person they can really help your productivity.

The Power of Sleep Deficits

Recently I was at one of these informal conference/meetups of pickup artists, this particular group of pickup artists was really interested in the personal development side of learning and practicing the art of seduction — NOT the stereotype of sleazy manipulative guys.
At the meetup I was talking to a nice middle aged Dutch guy who was really green to this pickup thing, this was like his first time taking action to actually meet up with some guys to practice and learn.
I explained to him that this path to mastery was especially time consuming and that he could expect it to be literally kind of like a part time job, that would cost him a lot of sleep. He responded that was a major deal breaker.
So I asked him…
Well, is your current social circle delivering to you the kinds of women that you would like to date? Or perhaps even have children with?
The answer was of course, no. His current social circle was none-existent.
So I framed it a little differently.
Not all men are meant to procreate and pass their genes on. You might not have what it takes. But if for the next few short years you run sleep defects regularly and put in the time practicing game and the arts of seduction, you will definitely have the opportunity have a meaningful relationship or have children.
You’re middle aged, you only have about a decade left where you will have enough energy to left to learn and practice seduction.
You’re going to have to think NOW about if you’re ok with being alone for the rest of your life or if having sleep deficits for a few years is worth it. You need to decide what’s important to you in the long term.

Whatever it is you want to accomplish in the next few years of your life that may define the rest of your life, sleep deficits can be a powerful tool.

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New Videos

The Most Hated Man in the Kratom community (who’s definitely not a crypto-KGB agent) drops some knowledge on Biohacking Kratom tolerance and opioid addiction with Nootropics and herbal Adaptogens.
Jokes aside, almost weekly I hear about the opioid epidemic ravaging parts of my country, Kratom is a real option for opioid addicts to taper down off truly self destructive drugs, but Kratom is also addictive. In this video I cover some interesting studies of lesser known research on how to Biohack opioid addiction. If you have someone in your life addicted to opioid. The Biohacks in this video might just save their life.

Last week I took a little holiday in the very historical city Veliko Tornova and recorded this quick videoblog on a really effective lifehack for improving your mood & assuaging Seasonal Affective Disorder. It also goes by the name Loving Kindness Meditation; which I think is a really bad name. It makes it sound like a girly, wimpy thing and it’s not! it’s actually a quite effective tool for managing your thoughts and emotions.

New Nootropic Meta Analysis

This is an NMDA Biohack, an NMDA antagonist specifically with a novel mechanism that can be profoundly helpful for those with broken brains or those who need to reset their tolerance to other performance enhancers.

Updated Infographics

A flowchart of Nootropics by category.

A flowchart of Nootropics by effects desired. Viewed nearly 300,000 times! Give it a like or a share so it goes even more viral…

A flowchart of the hundreds of articles on Limitless Mindset demystifying Biohacking and lifehacking.

Optimizing optics of opioids,

Jonathan Roseland




Adventuring philosopher, Pompous pontificator, Writer, K-Selected Biohacker, Tantric husband, Raconteur & Smart Drug Dealer 🇺🇸

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Jonathan Roseland

Jonathan Roseland

Adventuring philosopher, Pompous pontificator, Writer, K-Selected Biohacker, Tantric husband, Raconteur & Smart Drug Dealer 🇺🇸

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