Do Smart Drugs make you Cross Eyed?

So I’ve got an admission…


Obviously, I’m kidding…

To address the smaller proportion of people who are genuinely curious whether Nootropics can make you cross eyed or cause strabismus: Nootropics can have some very strong effects, but they definitely don’t cause strabismus which I have or make any one cross eyed.
If they did, it would be very well documented in the human studies and clinical studies done on Nootropics which encompass many thousands of individual participants, you can search on Pubmed, it’s not.
If they did, there would be anecdotal reports to this effect in the Biohacker forums and there isn’t. There’s just me.

I was born this way. It has gotten worse in my 20’s because my career has mostly involved staring at computer screens +8 hours a day which is really bad for your eyes. So if you don’t want to end up looking like me, than don’t spend so much damn time staring at screens.

I waited a long time to address this because I have this philosophy of mostly just ignoring haters; of thoroughly researching my subject matter, saying what I’m going to say and then letting it stand on it’s own, not defending it, not getting drawn into debates or equivocating. However, as my videos have now reached hundreds of thousands of people, I’ve decided to address it since I think there maybe people genuinely concerned that Piracetam or Noopept will actually make them cross eyed. Which again, they definitely won’t.

To address the people that are trolling…

You are a person that was born with a than myself. You probably wouldn’t admit it but life has always just been easy for you — you never really had to work on developing social intelligence because everything just came naturally to you, as a result you have a weak work ethic. You are kind of lazy and you don’t have anything better to do than troll the Internet and you feel entitled to make fun of people for their physical imperfections.
I’m not sure how to fix that… I’m not sure how to beautify someone who is . There’s not a Biohack for that.
But you are not welcome to comment on my channel or be a part of our community. You have a lifetime ban from our biohacking community.
In fact, there’s been a couple of people now who trolled my channel, had something rude to say but then they watched more of my videos and actually got interested in biohacking. They apologized for trolling originally and wanted my insight on their biohacking issue or what they should buy or whatever and I always blocked them and deleted thier emails.

Related rant…

So I have this friend who is a Canadian expat in South America, who’s a really amazing salsa/bachata dancer, he’s just a .

  • He also speaks Spanish really good, almost like it’s his first language.
  • He is also in really good shape, obviously takes care of his body.
  • He’s also a pretty successful businessman, he has very high standards for his product and it’s marketing and this extends to his numerous customers.
  • Now you might think that a guy this successful would be kind of a duchbag, but he’s actually really down to earth and friendly also.

So here’s the interesting thing about my friend the successful salsa dancer, he’s very short.

Here’s an interesting question: I say no.

So there’s been numerous studies showing that people who are good looking have life a whole lot easier, people say to them a whole lot more. There was a book published in 2011 on this topic Beauty Pays: Why Attractive People Are More Successful.

I’m cross eyed, I’m not very good looking, I’m not a very good public speaker, I’m naturally socially awkward and not very photogenic. I’m just the last person you would pick to be the spokesperson for the smart drug industry.


  • My website gets 15000–20000 people a month researching Biohacking.
  • My Youtube channel just passed half a millions views.
  • I have strangers emailing me, almost daily, telling me that they found inspiration and education from my content. Which may be a more important metric than anything else!

So yet more proof that with discipline, persistence and copious amounts of smart drugs you can overcome your disadvantages in life!

If you were not born with lucky genetic…

You are going to have to work a whole lot harder. You need to actually develop some character, work ethic and skills to get ahead in life. You’ll force yourself out of your comfort zone more, you’ll end up living a life pursing adventure and novelty instead of comfort and amusement. You’ll end up having a life that looks like this…

So this article is getting a little more self aggrandizing and ‘motivational’ than I’m normally comfortable with, so let me try to offer a nuanced point…

If you were not born with lucky genetics, every unfortunate time that you pass a mirror and catch a glimpse of your imperfect visage let it be reminder that you are entitled to nothing.

Every time you are slighted or insulted because of your imperfections, let it be a reminder that you are going to have to work harder and smarter that everybody else.
There’s this absurd, politically correct idea that access to opportunity should be equalized. The opportunity is in the personal development that happens when you reach for something that the disadvantages you’ve been dealt should preclude you from attaining.

Every time you are reminded of an unfair disadvantage you have, let it be a motivator to practice a little more discipline, apply creativity, and act like the person that you want to be.

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