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Sarajevo Cemetery

I’ve been an immigrant a couple of times now; In Colombia in South America, the Ukraine and here in Bulgaria now. I’m a curious person that has spent years of my life abroad exploring different cultures. I’m a big fan of good immigrants and good immigration policy.

However, I have real vitriolic disdain for how leftists and democrats have morally hijacked the immigration issue to try to destroy the country.

The identity politics of immigration is absolutely toxic; dividing everyone up by race, religion, nationality of your parents or who you like to bang is the road to an ugly civil war or genocide.

In history there are no examples of big multicultural countries and empires wherein multiple identity groups coexisted in tranquility. History, is in fact replete with examples of multiculturalism failing and our violent tribal instincts prevailing.

I have walked the streets of Sarajevo which are still stained by the blood of the genocidal war resulting from the failure of a multicultural Balkan state — it’s the same story all over the world, with one possible exception, the United States.

In the United States we’ve had pretty successful immigrants; however the main reason why the melting pot has worked is that waves of immigration that came in the past were strongly encourage to become totally American, to forget the (often inferior) cultures they came from and embrace American values.

The left is now trying to replace the American melting pot with kind of like a multicultural smorgasbord of ghettoized groups living in close proximity. The left tell immigrants that they culture and values they come from are better than American culture and values. The left tells immigrants that Americans are vile, evil racists (even though we elected a black President, twice). The left tells immigrants that they don’t even need to learn to speak English. The left continually repeats that there are no inherent American values, that there America is typified by a lack of values. The left tells immigrants to never mind hard work, Entrepreneurship, free speech, personal responsibility, inventiveness or Christian values and instead impose their values upon America whether they be sharia law, communism or Mexican reconquista.

This appeal to the worst of our evolutionary psychology will only result in blood in the streets.

Adventuring philosopher, Pompous pontificator, Writer, K-Selected Biohacker, Tantric husband, Raconteur & Smart Drug Dealer 🇺🇸

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