Social Anxiety Protocol: The Methodology

The methodology for selecting the Nootropics in the Social Anxiety Protocol is based upon several factors.

Quality Scientific Studies
These Nootropics have been the subject of double blind, placebo controlled human clinical trials. None of them are research chemicals, the youngest among them have been researched for at least 35 years, others have been the subject of 20 year long human population studies, and as I mentioned the Adaptogens have been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years.

Abundance of Anecdotal Efficacy
I spend a lot of time on the Biohacker forums, deciphering the crappy grammar, the ranting antics and Biohacking lingo. If hundreds of users on a forum are talking about a particular smart drug, and there’s some consensus as to it’s experiential effects among them, that’s a pretty good indicator as to what we can expect from it.

Occasionally you’ll hear about some wonder antidepressant drug or herb that turned someone who is a socially awkward, wall flower into a real Casanova. You’ll hear a report that some weird drug will enable you to socialize effortlessly without fear, inhibitions or filter. There are enough psychoactive substances out there in the world that there is some molecule out there that could radically change your mindset, behavior and transform you into the impetuous socialite you’ve always fantasized about being but guaranteed it will have undesirable side effects or a steep tolerance curve or serious addiction risk and likely a combination of all three.
The Nootropics in the Protocol are very safe; their upsides are significant while their downsides are easily manageable to virtually none-existent. An extensive Italian review of Piracetam stated:
“Cognition enhancers are drugs able to facilitate attentional abilities and acquisition, storage and retrieval of information… Among other classes of drugs, piracetam-like cognition enhancers (nootropics) have never reached general acceptance, in spite of their excellent tolerability and safety.”
The trade-off for this high degree of safety is that they are not significantly mind altering. They are enablers of your own volition and action. They are not going to transform you into an effortless socialite overnight, although you’ll be surprised how much your behavior may change over 10 weeks of following the protocol.
The two higher risk components of the protocol are Phenibut and Kratom, I’ve included them because anecdotally they have such consistently helpful effects across a broad spectrum of personality types. You’ll want to pass on these if you have an addictive personality or a history of serious drug and alcohol abuse.

My Experiences
A final factor, is of course my own experience. I’ve personally tried about 60 different smart drugs. I’ve used all the social smart drugs mentioned, some for years, I’ve cycled on them and off them multiple times. I’ve done self quantification experiments with brain training and meditation on them. The smart drugs rabbit hole goes deep and my ravenous curiosity to explore it’s depths is compelled by the peak experiences that have resulted from the cognitive enhancers flowing in my veins.

Since this is an open source protocol, I’ll mention a couple other drugs and Nootropics worth consideration for overcoming social anxiety.
Ashwagandha — Another Adaptogen that modulates the nervous system. Often reported as helpful for socializing. A German Biohacker reported “Indian herb helps before social situations where you dont feel that confident, takes away some fear and has hardly any side effects… And it probably makes you horny too, raising testosterone moderately”
Caballo — This Racetam rich stack contains Piracetam in a black capsule in and Oxiracetam in a red capsule. From my editor’s review “Caballo is actually a pretty sublime social smart drug, the precision and certainty with which I speak and act while on it gives me a lot of confidence. I recently had one of the funnest nights I can remember at a swingers club while on a stack of 2 Caballo’s, Phenibut and a coffee. My second language, Spanish, improves on it which is what I would expect from a quintessential smart drug. I find myself speaking more fluently in a flowing way and ‘being present’ to the conversation as opposed to searching my vocabulary and second guessing my grammar.”
GABA — Is a tranquility and restfulness inducing neurotransmitter. To paraphrase a Dr. Fredrick Von Stieff: “GABA removes the stop signs from our world”
For better or worse it liberates us of our inhibitions, basically GABA is the metaphorical little devil on our shoulders that says “Why not?” and “What’s the worst that could happen?” Alcohol and Phenibut are Gabaergic.
Memantine — Many online find this Alzheimer’s drug very helpful. From AlwaysLearning on Longecity “I no longer constantly worry about being judged, and do not feel inferior to the people around me. Eye contact is pleasurable rather than painful, as is exerting my will and expressing my desires. I am able to truly enjoy physical and emotional intimacy now. I see people more for who they truly are (their pain, their anxiety, their joy, etc.)”
Modafinil — Many report that Modafinil makes them more sociable. However, it’s not my go to social smart drug. In my experience, towards the beginning of the bell curve of Modafinil’s cognitive enhancing effects, you’ll feel more social and talkative. However, you’ll grow very critical and social interactions will seem ‘too slow’. I don’t take Modafinil during the day if I have a date, party or other social engagement in the evenings.
Olive Oil — According to Alpal on Longecity, this is bit of a testosterone hack for getting social; “olive oil increases luteinizing hormone and testosterone”
Sulbutiamine — Sulbutiamine is another social smart drug, it has been shown to reduce psycho-behavioral inhibition. A 2000 French study; Effects of sulbutiamine on psycho-behavioral inhibition in major depressive episodes, analyzed the effects of it combating the symptoms of depression in a placebo controlled, double blind, randomized test environment. According the human studies Sulbutiamine may “facilitate the rehabilitation of patients in their social, professional and family-life functioning”.
One optimistic self experimenter reported on Longecity:
“…Usually verbal fluency and a quick wit are the things I seem to notice the most (also a slightly euphoric feeling). Also pre-workout it definitely gives you a boost/increased focused aka ‘in the zone’…”
Tianeptine — The uplifting affect on mood of this Jekyll and Hyde antidepressant is a boon to many dealing with depression and social anxiety.

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