Social Smart Drugs: Phenibut > Sulbutiamine

Day 1
I did 200 milligrams after lunch. I suspect Sulbutiamine may become one of my least favorite white powders; it sticks to my fingers when I open the bag, I licked my fingers and the grotesque taste of it brought on a little coughing spell. I took it sublingually and washed it down with no aftertaste. There was no discernible Nootropic effect, in fact I ended up being a bit under motivated throughout the day.

Day 2
I did about 500 milligrams after lunch. I did some videoblogging and felt a bit funny like I wasn’t quite talking right, although upon reviewing the footage I was. Sulbutiamine won’t be my go to public speaking drug. I was in a sound proofed recording studio and interestingly when I wasn’t talking, I could hear the blood flowing in my head, an experience I can’t say I’ve had before on any other drugs.

Day 3
I did about another 500 milligrams on an empty stomach. It had an effect somewhat similar actually to Modafinil; sweaty hands, I could type faster and I became very focused. The enhanced focus effect lasted less than 2 hours. So I’m not going to trade it in for my Modafinil anytime soon.

Day 4
500 milligrams in the afternoon after my daily coconut.

Day 5
I did 500 milligrams in the evening after dinner with a friend, I chased the putrid powder with a non-alcoholic beer. We went to a meetup in a swanky restaurant here in Sofia, Bulgaria. I had three more non-alcoholic beers. I mistook a group of random people for the people we were meeting, I just walked up to this table of strangers and started talking with them. I think the Sulbutiamine did make me more social like Phenibut for several hours. I was quite talkative and unafraid of discussing even taboo subjects. There wasn’t a noticeable effect on my hearing. It didn’t really make me energetic or seem to affect my sleep. I went to bed around my normal time, after about 30 minutes of reading and slept soundly. I’ll continue to self experiment with it as a .

Day 6
I did 500 milligrams around 10PM in the evening before going to a /drum’n bass concert. I enjoyed the music quite a bit. The socializing effect of the Sulbutiamine was not as evident in such a high stimulus environment. Maybe I felt a little more free to like the other people (on drugs) at the rave. It didn’t have much of an effect on approach anxiety. My approach anxiety is pretty minimal in these kinds of environments anyways. I got tired of the music around 2AM, went home and proceeded to have TERRIBLE sleep. I tossed and turned for hours in bed, despite being tired. Not sure how much of this is due to the Sulbutiamine vs just the loud music and lights of the concert, but I go clubbing quite a bit and I rarely have this much trouble getting to sleep. So it’s definitely not going to replace Phenibut as my go to .

Day 7
500 milligrams in the late morning which produced little to no noticeable effect. I have an unsettling feeling that Sulbutiamine worsens my vision — although I’m sure about this yet. I got a little tired in the later afternoon also, I did some Coluracetam to pep me back up though.

Day 8
500 milligrams in the afternoon after my daily coconut. I had an unremarkable 20 minute meditation session and then I did brain training about 40 minutes after consuming it and was pleasantly surprised with the highest scores I had attained yet in a new brain game that up until now I had found quite challenging.
I did another 500 milligrams in the evening around 8:30PM before going out to salsa dance. In the high stimulus and already quite inviting environment of the salsa club I couldn’t discern a noticeable effect on my social mood. No effect on approach anxiety. As before I did seem to notice my vision not being great, I needed to text someone and that alone was challenging thanks to my blurry vision. Thankfully it did not negatively affect my sleep I think the atrociously bad night of sleep that I had before on it was a combination of the loud music and overwhelming environment of the rave and taking the Sulbutiamine later in the evening.

Day 9
In the mid afternoon I was in a weird neurotic mood, unproductively meandering from one little digital task to the next but not accomplishing much. So I did about 300 milligrams of Sulbutiamine, this had the effect desired; my mood evened out, perhaps we can credit this to its anxiolytic effect, thankful this time it did not negatively affect my vision as before.

Day 10
I choked down 400 milligrams in the late morning. Then I did another 400 milligrams in the evening around 6:30PM, there was a noticeable energizing effect, I felt a little antsy just slaving away at the computer. I feel like this maybe a good Nootropic for going hiking or taking a day trip or whatever. At 9:00PM I went to a Spanish language meetup; there was no noticeable effect on my social confidence, approach anxiety or fluency in my second language. I had two glasses of red wine, there was no interaction between the Sulbutiamine and the alcohol.

I really don’t think I will reorder Sulbutiamine because its taste is revolting, the Nootropic enhancement effect is negligible for me and its effect as a social smart drug doesn’t equal Phenibut, my own stack Caballo, or even meditation to get me in a social mood.

What is Sulbutiamine?

Sulbutiamine is a synthetic version of thiamine which was discovered in Japan by researchers trying to develop a way people could better absorb thiamine. This supplement is lipid soluble, but will still mix in water. Sulbutiamine has several benefits, ranging from an improvement of strength to relaxation and even helping users to convert food into energy more efficiently.

The supplement works by crossing the blood-brain barrier fairly efficiently and raising the levels of thiamine and thiamine phosphate esters in the brain [1]. It is also known as a brain supplement, which is meant to promote increased brain energy and cognitive function. There is also some evidence to suggest that sulbutiamine may be helpful with neurotransmission [2].

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