Street Fight Psychology Expert Richard Grannon (Podcast #29)

In this episode I’m joined by street fight psychology expert Richard Grannon of, a veteran martial arts practitioner (Karate, Aikido, Ninjitsu, Mui Tai, MMA) and nightclub doorman for 10 years.

Download this episode as an Audio (MP3 — Google Drive)

  • Mental training for a violent altercation or street fight
  • Comparison of martial arts
  • Lifehack for avoiding fights: If you are out past midnight, call it a night by midnight
  • Game for determining if you are hard vs soft target: a) Go to a mall or public place with a friend and ask them to pick out a victim. b) Move through this public space and observe them. c) Give each other feedback.
  • ‘Be Present’ the new ‘Be confident’ and how to lifehack it.
  • Lifehack for target hardening: Short haircut on men
  • Lifehack for remembering dreams
  • Lucid dreaming detection: reading fine text and light switches.
  • Lucid dreaming supplements: DMAE and Huperzine A.
  • Gamification of situational awareness.
  • Penalty Game for maintaining body language.
  • Gamifying your reality vs moralizing your reality.
  • Tai Chi: a great martial art for avoiding injuries and habituating a meditation practice.
  • Social Magnetism Lifehack: How to be more popular.

iTunes Review from Wilkopilb: New practical wisdom… I love this show.
There is nothing else quite like it… I swear my memory is better… My ability to solve everyday problems has improved! Listening to ‘Limitless Mindset’ is a great way NOT to waste your time. A podcast that not only tells you what you can do but also shows you the ways you CAN do it.

Music: Alesso Vs OneRepublic — “If I Lose Myself (Alesso Remix)

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