Surviving the Toxicity of Modernity

Book Review of Food Forensics by Mike Adams — An eye-opening expose of the epidemic of toxic food and a guide to biological redemption.

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Is “Organic” Bullshit?

“Everything causes cancer…”

Is a sentiment you’ll hear a lot. Indeed there are so many toxins in our environment that cause cancer…

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The first step towards detoxification is to stop the influx

Get the toxins out of your home.


The vaccine question

Are your dental fillings poisoning you?





Aluminum causes Alzheimer’s?

Food Additives

Aspartame is bad news.

Where does toxin-free food come from?

Go to the farmers’ market

The Water Question

The Meat Question

The Good News

You’re probably sufficiently unsettled by the specter of food and environmental toxicity by this point. The good news is that you can avoid a lot of this nasty toxicity by demanding to look at certificates of analysis for products and supplements before you consume them. COAs will reveal the parts per million (or billion) of mercury, lead, arsenic and other toxins present. It’s unlikely that you’ll find supplements with zero toxins but if you’re selective you can keep your consumption within these acceptable limits…

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In Conclusion…

This book cuts through a lot of the detox myths and will help you to live a longer, happier more toxin-free life. I’m not sure if I recommend everyone reading it though because it is a quite dense science book. If you love health science books check it out if not the author has a (rather Red-Pilling) podcast and video channel that discuss the same stuff that I have learned a lot from. The author also uses his spectrometry lab to test all the products and supplements that you can find for sale on the Health Ranger Store (which I’m an affiliate of), considering the very high testing standards for purity the offerings there seem very reasonably priced to me. I hope to try and review more of them in the future.

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