The app lifehackers NEED

Evernote is the leading cloud-based note-taking app that Limitless people love!

It syncs multi-media notes and to-do lists between your smartphone, laptop, desktop, and browser. This free application is exactly what you need to organize your productive, focused, kickass lifestyle!

I first heard of Evernote from Tim Ferriss whose book, Tools of Titans, I really enjoyed. As a memory-hacking, adult-ADHD small business person, I’m serious about my note-taking and to-do list delineation strategies.

I use Evernote for everything from updating current client tasks, setting weekly goals, snipping images of address locations so I know where I’m going, outline podcast episodes, saving internet articles for future reading to recording foreign language pickup lines taught to me in bars by French and German girls!

If you follow the podcasts or blogs of top-performing entrepreneurs who genuinely live kickass lives you will hear them talk about Evernote. This is no coincidence, I get more done using Evernote than I ever did using Microsoft Outlook To Do’s, Google Tasks, or the old-fashioned way with a leather-bound day planner. Evernote’s one-tap voice notes feature I use for things like remembering my dreams

Watch: Lifehack: Remembering Your Dreams, Made Easy

I have paid for Evernote Premium a few times and the free version of the app is so good that it’s really not necessary unless need to create notes over 25 megabytes. Tip: Evernote Premium is cheaper in some countries, if you’ve got a VPN set your location to somewhere like South America and you might save a bit.

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