The Bad News about free Dual N-Back training software

Jonathan Roseland
6 min readFeb 20, 2021


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This software is an unlimited demo of the Dual N-Back brain training task.

You can use it as long as you like for free and even go through the various memory training levels…

…however, there are some limitations and issues with it to be aware of.

Our philosophy here at Limitless Mindset is to be as transparent as possible with the resources we make available. While it will probably…

  • Make you smarter
  • Increase your IQ
  • Fluid intelligence
  • And improve your problem-solving abilities

there are some real drawbacks you should be aware of to the free software demo we make available to community members.

It’s boring and hard to stay motivated.

The Dual N-Back task on its own is very unexciting to play, especially in comparison to the other tremendously entertaining gaming options out there, It feels like an arcade game from the mid-’80s. Couple this with the fact that the first few times you play the Dual N-Back task you are going to be pretty bad at it and you have a recipe for a lack of motivation. The fact of the matter is that you need to commit at least 10 minutes (ideally 20 minutes) daily for at least 20 days to get mind power results from Dual N-Back training and that’s very hard to do that if you aren’t motivated.

The $27 Dual N-Back software by IQ Mindware has several clever motivation mechanisms built into it…

You are NOT invested.

The other obvious motivation problem with the demo software is that it’s free. The most effective tools for personal development are always the ones you are actually invested in financially. As in the rest of life, you get what you pay for in your biohacking.

It doesn’t conform to Dr. Jaeggi’s study’s standards.

Dr. Susanne M. Jaeggi has conducted 3 landmark studies on the Dual N-Back task with software built to very stringent requirements. These software requirements are what has been proven in Jaeggi’s studies to actually improve your memory. The open-source version of the Dual N-Back software just doesn’t measure up to Jaeggi’s software requirements. Dual N-Back Pro is the only software on the market that is built specifically to the requirements of the only scientifically proven method for increasing IQ — the Jaeggi dual n-back.

The Attention Jumping problem.

As you become more proficient at Dual N-Back training your brain will begin holding ‘chunks’ movement data in mind with ‘catch-up’ gaps, long story short, this gives the perception of improving at the game while not actually making cognitive ability gains that will translate into the real world. Obviously, the point of Dual N-Back training is IQ gains that will translate into making you more effective in other areas of your life. Dual N-Back Pro by IQ Mindware solves this with performance indicators in its algorithm that adapts to the Attention Jumping Problem. It also cross-references your data with everyone else using Dual N-Back Pro to ensure you are making progress. In fact, some biohackers have documented gaining an average of 2.75 IQ points per hour of Dual N-Back training on Dual N-Back Pro.

Light screen vs dark screen.

The free version of the Dual N-Back software has a white screen on the iPhone, Android, and desktop versions. This is actually a problem and becomes a bigger problem the later in the day you do your Dual N-Back training. I use Dual N-Back training as a mindfulness practice so the evenings when the day is winding down are one of my favorite times to use the app. This turns out to be a great way to ruin your sleep that night…

  • Staring at a bright light screen late at night blocks Melatonin, the neurotransmitter of great sleep.
  • Staring at a bright screen at night cycles your circadian rhythm and tricks your genes into thinking that it’s daytime again causing premature aging.

Dual N-Back Pro has a black background screen.

My recommendation:

Download the free versions of the software as a demo to try out Dual N-Back training. Select the Dual N-Back mode, so you are training your audio and visual working memory and play enough sessions on the demo software to score 100% on the 2-Back task, then switch to Dual N-Back Pro.

I’ve Dual N-Back trained for 3 months straight — without missing a single day, at the time of writing this… Is that because I’m just some Biohacker nerd who just has tons of time on his hands to do brain training games? No, quite the opposite actually, I have an awesome (check out the photos below) and VERY busy life. I’m definitely not a naturally disciplined person either, I’m stimulus seeking and very prone to distraction. So how is it that I’ve exercised such uncommon consistency and discipline with something as tedious as Dual N-Back training?

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The credit really has to go to for that! It’s a game-changing App for Android, iPhone, and your web browser. If you’ve ever wished there was a way to outsource your self-control and willpower, well wish no more and download now. takes all the features that make social media so addictive and distracting and instead puts them to work as motivational tools so you follow through on your winning habits daily.

How it works:

  • With a single click you ‘checkin’ to habits as you complete them daily.
  • Add popular habits from the database or add your own personalized habits.
  • Over time the App builds useful statistics and visual representations of your personal performance and progress.
  • enlists the help of both your friends and strangers on the social network to encourage you to follow through with your habits. They can leave you props and encouraging comments on your habit check-ins. Don’t let them down!
  • You can set yourself reminders (with notifications) of certain habits.

There’s actually a habit already in for Dual N-Back training which I hope you will join so myself and the other intelligence biohacking members of the Limitless Mindset Community can encourage and motivate each other. As you can see below practicing discipline really does result in more freedom and fun

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