The Caviar of Russian Nootropics

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As I’ve talked about elsewhere international shipping is a tremendous pain in the ass for Biohackers outside of the US. I’m here in a European country that is notoriously difficult to get Nootropics shipped into. I expected to have to deal with a bunch of shipping BS; forms, VAT fees and waiting around. Yet I was pleasantly surprised when the package arrived in about a week and I was able to pick it up with no hassle from the post office. So I recommend RUPharma highly to Biohackers in Europe who are frustrated with dealing with international shipping.

In conclusion…

I call it the caviar of Russian Nootropics because it’s really quite pricey. This little bottle which is about a week’s supply is 22 euros. However, as I said in my research I kept coming across quite experienced Biohackers who used it long term saying that it’s the best Nootropic they’ve ever used so it’s maybe worth it. It has an interesting BDNF mechanism that works on long term memory in supposedly quite transformative ways so it may be some people’s real personal NZT-48.
It’s an interesting Nootropic, I wish I had more of it!

Money-Back Guarantee

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VIP Program

RUPharma appreciates customer loyalty and will reward
3 orders placed within 12 months
An order with a value of over 300 Euros
With a discount and access to exclusive products; I’d love to tell you what the exclusive products are but it’s a secret.
I’ll add that I do free Biohacking consultations with those who are investing in their quantifiable personal development. If you spend over 200 Euros with RUPharma just forward the receipt email to me at and we can jump on a Skype call this week!

RUPharma’s Service Guarantees

  • We ship most of our products from European Union (in some cases from Russia) for a faster and smoother delivery service
  • Next working day despatch with a tracking number
  • Get 100% refund if your package gets seized by customs or is lost in transit
  • 100% secure HTTPS payment processing
  • We sell only 100% legal products endorsed and sold in Russia
  • Discreet packaging without any markings
  • If you require a product which we do not sell, contact us
  • Our prices and an unparalleled level of service is more competitive for identical products compared to other online stores and eBay.

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