The Colombian Double Date

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You don’t have to be in Colombia long before you notice that Colombianas really like double dates.

You ask a girl out on date and she mentions a few hours before meeting you that she will bring an amiga, so you are expected to bring an amigo. This can obviously be a lot of fun; you go out as a group and dance the night away while taking shots of Agaurediente, if the conversation gets dull or there is a language barrier with your girl you can chat with your buddy, however I don’t go on Colombian double dates if my objective is to actually get laid.

After 2 years of living in Colombia I’ve found that these double dates are almost completely fruitless. The girls expect you to pay for their taxi cabs, their drinks and the shitty food they want to eat when they are drunk. At the end of the night you realize you are just paying for the two amigas to go on a date, WITH EACH OTHER…

The bottom line is that if you actually want to close the deal with a girl don’t accept the double date. The logistics are totally fucked, I’ve had a couple of times that I was out on these double dates and probably could have pulled the girl I invited but she didn’t want to separate from her amiga.

The good news about double dates is that the girls will almost always ask before showing up with their amiga
Just tell them in the future that you can totally go out as group with amigas and amigos but tonight you are meetings one on one.
There’s a couple excuses you can make as to why…

My buddies frequently invited me on double dates, which is a double edged sword.

If you don’t mind spending the money and don’t have anything better to do than go on a double date with a friend, go out but don’t treat it like a date; this is golden opportunity to practice merging sets and cold approaching other girls in the venue in front of the girl you are ‘on a date with’.

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