The End of the “Golden Age” of Dating Abroad…

ents, if you’re imaging that one day you might settle down with or marry a beautiful, feminine, family-minded foreign woman, understand that the curtain is being drawn on the opportunity to geo-arbitrage your sexual market value as a western man in a poorer country.

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Order: Don’t Stick Your Dick in a Blender: How to meet a nice girl instead — from a Tantric husband with a better sex life than you!

In my new book, I have an exhaustive chapter on the topic of dating and marrying exotic foreign women. As a single dude in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia you’ve probably heard about (or experienced for yourself) what an upgrade foreign women can be from modern “western women”…

  • Foreign women are more feminine and elegant — they actually dress like women!
  • Foreign women are beautiful and skinny. They even age more gracefully.
  • Foreign women aren’t as shallow, materialistic, nihilistic, narcissistic, and entitled as western women.
  • Foreign women are friendlier and more receptive, they’ll be excited to meet and date me just because I’m from a “1st world” country.
  • Foreign women aren’t so brainwashed by feminism and political correctness.
  • Younger foreign women look up to and are more willing to date older men. Foreign women, ultimately, make better girlfriends, wives, and mothers.

If you go to the right countries and focus on the right kinds of women, these stereotypes are pretty accurate. I end each chapter of the book with a photo of something delicious my wife lovingly made in the kitchen to drive home the point of how great it is every day to have a real woman in your life…

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Salmon and fresh beet salad. Married life is better than single dude life!

The bad news is that the golden age of dating abroad is ending.

In the chapter, I break down why the opportunity is sunsetting for an “average Joe” like you to fly into Colombia, Ukraine, or the Philipines meet a beautiful, family-minded young lady and get married. If you procrastinate for another 5–10 years in your mission to get a great woman in your life while you “focus on your career” I suspect that you’ll eventually find that the girls in Colombia, Ukraine, and Philipines are disappointingly similar to the girls in California, Melbourne, and Liverpool as globalism makes everywhere more like everywhere else. If you see yourself getting married one day to an elegant, traditionally-minded foreign woman, I urge you to not put it off another 5–10 years. From the chapter…

I sometimes (half) joke that in 20 years I’ll have a son, he’ll be a young adult ready to go off into the world and meet exotic (to him) girls. But by the year 2040 even the girls of Colombia and Ukraine will be purple-haired, liberal, feminist, mental health cases. I’ll have to sit him down and say…

Son, I know that you want a traditionally-minded girl, I taught you to disregard these foolish liberal girls who are good for sex and nothing else. And it’s become damn near impossible to find real conservative girls here where we live. But, good news, I’ve found an impoverished little Belaurussian village named Romanovka in the middle of nowhere near the border with Ukraine. According to my demographic analysis there’s an abundance of young women there and all the young men have moved away because there are no jobs. Fortunately, the village NEVER got the internet and the Chernobyl fallout blocks the 5G signals so, just imagine, there are farmers’ daughters there who have just read their Bibles and tended to farm duties their whole lives, instead of becoming Instahoes. You’ll have to hike through the Chernobyl exclusion zone to reach the town as there’s no highway connecting it to the rest of the world. I’ll give you plenty of Potassium Iodide so you’ll hopefully survive the radiation, but you’ll also face terrifying mutant bears and wolves in those woods. It will be a harrowing journey, but Romanovka is the last place on this planet that has any beautiful, decent illiberal women left, the farmers’ daughters may be slightly irradiated but still better than dating a modern woman, they’ll practically be lining up for the chance to marry you and bear your children!

The final point I hope to drive home is, if you want a great woman as your partner in life, stop procrastinating. Between 2008–2012 when I lived in Denver, Colorado I went out to nightclubs weekly and I met shockingly few women who were even girlfriend-material. In 2017, I was fortunate to meet a marriageable girl in a nightclub in Sofia, Bulgaria. The marriageable girl is a rare bird being pushed to extinction. The longer you wait the harder it’s going to get to find one and the further you are going to have to go. Globalism is doing its damndest to poison every single decent young lady on this planet with toxic industrial chemicals that will make her fat and with toxic liberalism that will make her insufferable. Don’t wait until Romanovka, Belarus is the last place left to go to find an attractive traditionally-minded girl!

What else is in the chapter…

  • I list +30 countries with beautiful, elegant, women that you should consider visiting instead of not-so-boldly-going where thousands and thousands of other men go every year to pick up chicks; Colombia, Ukraine, Thailand, and Philipines.
  • What kind of guys will do well dating abroad and what kinds of guys will totally strikeout and end up just getting scammed.
  • I explain how to meet decent, genuine foreign girls, without wasting a ton of time and money.
  • How, counter-intuitively, your financial or career success holds you back from finding love.
  • How to avoid the scammers, whores, gold-diggers, and “blenders” who will take advantage of you.
  • Navigating the minefield of multicultural relationships.
  • The truth about language barriers.
  • I debunk the number #1 lie that you’re told about foreign women, often by the men of their own country.
  • Waiting till marriage to have sex? How to date abroad anyways…
  • The number #1 mistake guys commonly make when using dating websites and apps to meet foreign girls.
  • I don’t promote any of those shady marriage agency websites or “love tours”, I explain why these are, almost categorically, time-wasting scams.
  • A practical guide to doing your own DIY-love tour.
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Please Pre-Order the book today

Here on for $8.99. You’ll receive an immediate download of five chapters…

The Inevitable Uncondoming

How to Meet a Nice Girl in the COVID-19 Era

Dating and Marrying Exotic Foreign Women

Seducing a Virgin

The Siren Song of Online Dating

The audiobook version of the book (a $16 value) when it’s produced, expect the audiobook in august.

And you’ll also get access to a private accountability community, The League of Limitless Gentlemen on, where you’ll be able to get feedback and encouragement from me and other likeminded guys.

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I’ve had a couple of people who saw the book cover when I first shared it on social media tell me something to the effect of…

Stay in your lane Jonathan. Stick to writing about the Nootropics and Biohacking stuff. Stay away from dating and relationships, the whole subject is a total minefield!

I get this sentiment, I could have just stuck to the relatively inoffensive subject of Nootropics and antiaging, but when I think about what’s drastically improved my life in the past few years, it’s being a real relationship with a real woman! It’s what I wish for any decent man.

You’ll want to listen to this podcast, The TRUTH about Dating and Marrying Exotic Foreign Women — Is it for you? A witty and in-depth discussion with my hot Bulgarian wife about western men dating abroad, seeking asylum from modernity with the unashamedly feminine women that can be found in Medellin, Colombia, Oddessa, Ukraine, or Sofia, Bulgaria where I filmed this clip pretending to daygame her and her little dog.

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