The Limitless Orgasms Protocol & 12 Biohacks for Optimizing Sexual Hedonism

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I used to know a real-life witch. She made me a bit of an obscene offer…

I think I was about 22 at the time, worked at swanky nightclubs, drove a brand new Maserati (yes, really!), and was going through a particularly rowdy summer. I’m lucky that I didn’t get anyone pregnant.

She was an active Pagan-Wicca practitioner and was dating a friend of mine. She would make pentagrams, light candles, burn incense, say prayers to a cool brass icon of an Egyptian deity and cast good luck spells all of which had a pretty undetectable effect as far as I could tell. Interested in taking my rambunctious sex life to the next level, I asked her one day if she had an incantation or magic spell that would result in a supernatural sexual experience; that would imbue me with extraordinary powers of seduction and/or give me an especially vivid and intense hedonistic encounter.

She smiled coquettishly and replied yes, that her metaphysical abilities had the power to do exactly that but that it would be a double edged sword, that could potentially do me great harm.
I would get my Casanovaesque powers of pickup, I would get a once in a lifetime sexual experience but then I’d likely have a psychotically intense relationship on my hands. Especially if I betrayed the spirit of the spell (which a 22 year old me likely would have!) by not repaying pleasure, behaving inconsistently afterwards or really any kind of post coital douchebaggey antics. This would definitely NOT be a no strings attached peak experience, I might have a Fatal Attraction type situation to deal with.
As fun as that all sounded, my sex life was already pretty good, so I decided to pass on her offer.

Since then I’ve delved deeply into the latest Biohacking research, the Meta-Analysis papers of human libido studies and traditional Chinese Taoist methods for optimizing sexual experience and health. I’d like to share with you a Biohacking protocol that will pragmatically accomplish a lot of what the witch promised me but without the potential metaphysical downsides.

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It’s called Tantric Semen Retention, it’s kind of like No Fab but A LOT more fun. Here’s how it’s described…
With diligent practice, some men can even learn to approach the very brink of ejaculation and enjoy all the exquisite sensations associated with it without spilling a drop of semen. (5801–5802)
men too may experience sequential miniorgasms without actual ejaculation, and it dispels the notion that birth control is primarily a female responsibility. (5813–5814)
If you’re a guy reading this, you’re probably thinking, sign me up!

Here’s the really eerie thing about this…
There’s not really any good free resources, courses or videos about how to do this. There’s not even any good paid online courses on it. Go ahead and Google Tantric Semen Retention and you’ll be totally underwhelmed by the amount of actionable information on the topic.
Here’s why: It requires a form of tantric breathing that is actually somewhat risky if done totally wrong. Apparently, people have actually died attempting this…
But I say, it’s worth the risk! If you are a red blooded man I’m sure you’ve taken a whole lot more reckless risks in pursuit of orgasms.

The Limitless Orgasms Protocol

I’ve created the Limitless Orgasms Protocol, based upon my self experimentation and reading on Taoism
Taoists measure their lives by counting breaths, heartbeats, and (for males) ejaculations. (6345–6346)
Taoism is the only major world philosophy that stresses the importance of disciplined sexual relations as an absolute prerequisite for health and longevity. (368–369)
No other civilization has even come close to the sort of “national longevity” enjoyed by China for almost 5,000 years, and, not coincidentally, no other civilization has paid such close attention to details of food and sex. (5320–5321)The Protocol at this point is comprised of several very practical How-To modules covering…

Why Semen Retention — The evolutionary basis of why this is such a profound Biohack.

Tantric Breath Control — A through explanation, so you don’t die trying it!
Foreplay — This is (surprise, surprise) pretty important, I include some new things to try!
The Techniques — The primary reason I’ve made this a private course as opposed to a public article or Youtube video is because I really wanted to get into the nifty-gritty of the anatomical mechanics.
Anal Lock Training Techniques — Yes, your anal sphincter actually has a lot to do with your lovemaking abilities!
Ejaculation Control Centers — There’s some Yang confluence points to be aware of.
How to Have a Full Body Orgasm — The holistic injaculation method for drawing the orgasm back up into your body, multiple times.
Orgasmic Lifestyle and Supplementation Guide
— Boundless hedonism in this area requires a fair degree of male optimization and supplementation, especially if you’re over 30 (or 40!)
Good things take time and in this case practice, which is why the Limitless Orgasms Protocol includes…
Practice plan — A short term and long term practice regimen to reach ejaculation mastery.
In the Bathroom — Two habits to practice for a few moments every time you go to the bathroom.
First 20 Days — A day by day routine for the first 20 days of your Tantric training.
Secret Facebook group — For group accountability and private discussion of what works. It’s a secret group so your wife, girlfriend, mom, sister or boss will NEVER see what’s being discussed here. Not obligation whatsoever to join but tremendous upside of learning and sharing some really transformational Biohacking knowledge. You’ve probably chatted and joked about weirder things before with total strangers online.

My long term goal is to create an exhaustive course on this and I’ll sell it for like $69 or $89 dollars but my protocol needs be refined somewhat and most of the anecdotal reports that I’ve come across are hysterically hyperbolic in their descriptions of duration, intensity and ecstasy.
I need to get more critical feedback from you guys!

The Limitless Orgasms Protocol is free, so don’t expect whizz-bang production values at this point but this is where I’m going to be sharing the evolution of my understanding of tantric techniques and strategies. The really good stuff I’m not going to be sharing publicly on Youtube, Facebook or even this newsletter — I have no way of segmenting my readers between male and female, so all my Biohacks for optimizing the male sexual experience will go under the Limitless Orgasms Protocol.

To get the Limitless Orgasms Protocol please visit click below and enter your name and email address…

Access Protocol

It’s not going to sign you up for any kind of sales sequence or funnel, the real reason for this separate site and email list is so that I can speak frankly about the most masculine of subjects without boring or disgusting the 30% of my audience that is female!

This offering may seem to alienate somewhat the women in my audience. However…
Most of the women I talk to in my audience are either married or in long term relationships. For them a tantric orgasm practice will at the very least add some flavor and adventure and at the most be something positively transformative for their relationships
Even if you are a single woman (or a girl who likes girls), this may not do a lot for you but I bet you have a guy in your life who you could gift this course too that it would make a big difference for.

Maximizing Hedonism with Supplementation

Here’s an exhaustive list of the supplements that have a long term positive effect on your testosterone ecosystem along with enhancing the experience of sex itself.

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1. Horny Goat Weed has a hard (Pun intended!) earned reputation, as an erection enhancer. While it has this effect in men of all ages, it’s a particularly effective agent for dealing with erectile dysfunction. To this effect it’s fast acting, according to one user:
“I took it before bed, 30–40 minutes before sex, and oh my god, I had one of the best sex ever :) I decided to take it only on the day when I’m sure I will have sex. I took it 3 times and I can confirm that the sex is much better due to extremely hard and long lasting erections. This stuff makes me more sensitive, but on the same time I can have all under control”

2. 50 milligrams of DHEA supplemented daily will increase testosterone. From Dr. Joseph Mercola:

I advise using bioidentical hormones like DHEA… This substance is the most abundant precursor hormone in the human body. It is crucial for the creation of vital hormones, including testosterone and other sex hormones. I recommend using a trans-mucosal DHEA cream and rubbing it in, down there.

3. L-Glutamine is a favorite of body builders because it in combination with BCAAs it’s a real testosterone hack! One of my newsletter subscribers reported: L-Glutamine does wonders for my testosterone. The best way I can describe it is being in zone and feeling very primal!

4. Super Male Vitality will boost your testosterone so you can make lots of babies and bring the fight to the new world order!

5. Phenibut — While technically a gabaergic antidepressant, I regard Phenibut as an alcohol alternative and anecdotally it’s reported commonly as being a libido enhancer that can turn a shy pussy cat into a ravenous tigress.

6. Oxiracetam — This biohacking protocol is quiet discipline intensive obviously. So I’ll suggest that you use the Discipline Molecule, for 4–6 hours after dosing this subtle smart drug imbues a noticeably enhanced degree of self control.

7.Scream Cream — This transdermal cream has 4 vasodilation mechanisms that increase blood flow to — well, where we really want blood to flow to! It’s active ingredient is actually testosterone, which spikes the women’s libido and richly enhances sensation.

I’ve heard at least several women describe this stuff in hyperbolic terms, apparently it really is a potent enabler of the vaginal orgasm!

8. Ginseng will make her sing! A 2009 Korean study of 143 men experiencing erectile dysfunction, concluded after 8 weeks of treatment at 2 grams daily:
“Erectile function and overall satisfaction scores after medication were significantly higher in the [mountain ginseng extract] group than in the placebo group…”

9.Intranasal Oxytocin Spray — Oxytocin is colloquially known as the love Neurotransmitter, it’s associated with orgasms, massages, mothers nursing their children and pro-social behavior.
This is a Neurotransmitter that seems to be something of a victim of marketing hype, there seems to be some debate as to whether supplementing it while you are with someone will actually make you more in love with them.

Here’s a source of none-prescription Oxytocin Spray that looks legit. It couldn’t hurt to use it with your partner. I’d venture that as a love drug the placebo effect is a whole lot more powerful than supplementing Oxytocin itself, so you would want to explain to your partner what Oxytocin Spray is.

10. Kava — Is reputed to be something of a aphrodisiac for women, this is primarily thanks to it’s subtle anti-anxiety effect. From a 2015 Australian Study
“…kava significantly increased female’s sexual drive compared to placebo… with no negative effects seen in males. Further, it was found that there was a highly significant correlation between [Arizona Sexual Experience Scale]reduction (improved sexual function and performance) and anxiety reduction in the whole sample.”
From a 2012 study of 22 adults
“Acute “medicinal level” doses of this particular kava cultivar in naive users do not provide anxiolytic activity, although the phytomedicine also appears to have no negative effects on cognition.”

A thread on the Kava Forums includes number of frank user accounts of it’s effects on sex and the reactions seem pretty mixed. So I’m going to categorize this herb as something worth trying but not a sure shot for spicing things up in the bedroom.

11. Deer Placenta — Yes, amongst herbal and Nutraceutical super geeks Deer Placenta is a regarded as quiet the testosterone biohack! Unfortunately all the evidence for this biohack is anecdotal, I could find no studies done on the beneficial effect of humans consuming placenta. Although it stands to reason that placenta whose job is to nourish the gestating baby deer is very high in beneficial nutrients. So I’ll try it! If for no reason other than just to spice up the conversation at dinner parties…
And no you don’t have to find a pregnant deer! You can purchase it encapsuled in supplemental form.

12. Yohimbe — The African bark extract is a male vitality hack with a darkside. You don’t have to look long online to come across reports of it’s undesirable side effects
What’s not debated is that it really dials up your libido. I will put this one in the category of worth trying at very low doses.

Limitless Orgasms Protocol

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To get the Limitless Orgasms Protocol please visit click below and enter your name and email address…

Download Protocol

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