The most economical Nootropic option?

Biohacker Review: An excellent value for high quality, Pharmaceutical grade powdered Piracetam

This brand is the best Piracetam value I’ve been able to find, which is a good thing because I like to take a lot of Piracetam. After I finish this 500 Gram bag I intend to order the 1000 Gram supply from Peak Nootropics.

For several days before taking it I went on a stimulant cleanse; no coffee, no green tea. So I could get myself back to a baseline. About 15 minutes after taking my first dose of Piracetam I felt myself slide into that focused, productive mindset that Biohackers love. I stayed in that zone for about 4 hours.

The most distinctive feature of powdered Piracetam is its bad taste, originally when I took Piracetam I took it in pill form so I didn’t taste it at all. The taste is NOT good; one of my friends described it as . I tried mixing it with a couple of health drinks but nothing improved the taste so I would just recommend mixing it with water or tea and drinking it really fast. Piracetam is water soluble so it doesn’t clump up in water, it dissolves really uniformly in whatever drink you mix it. As you’ll read in thousands of other reviews online about Piracetam, its bad taste is just a part of taking it in powdered form.

Capsuled vs Powdered Piracetam

The trade off is the price, 500 Grams of Piracetam in pill form would cost $180 whereas this bag only costs $40. So I guess the production process of putting Piracetam in pills and pill bottles is a lot of work more than just sending out bags of powder. I prefer to save the $140!

I should note that I’ve been cycling on and off Piracetam for 2 years now, I will take it daily for like 60 days then go off it for 30 days while I’m trying a different Nootropic or waiting on a delivery. People who haven’t taken Nootropics always ask me if they are addictive, whenever I cycle off them I’m very attentive to signs of addiction or withdrawal like I’ve experienced when I quit smoking or the multiple times I’ve quit drinking booze — I believe in doing intermittent periods of sobriety. I’ve never experienced any signs of addiction or withdrawal when going off Piracetam. I typically increase my intake of coffee and green tea when off Piracetam.

I should note that taking it with an Acetylcholine precursor is important, if you take a high dosage like I do without choline or Alpha GPC you can get a little bit of a headache. You will feel a little bit of pressure behind your ears, but I really had to do a lot to get this effect.

  • Several times I tried taking it later in the evening and had no problem sleeping, which is nice.
  • I drank coffee on it several times, not because the Piracetam was insufficiently stimulating but just because I live in Colombia and we have really good coffee here!
  • A friend of mine delivered this to me and had to pass through international customs in the United States, Mexico and Colombia. None of the customs agents of these respective countries had any questions or bothered him about transporting a bag of white powder across international borders.

I can’t tell a big difference between this and other Piracetam brands I’ve tried except for that it is powdered and a whole lot cheaper. So if you are looking for the most economical smart drug option out there, this is probably it.

Piracetam is one of those supplements that does NOTHING for about 10% — 15% of the people who use it, just because everyone’s own biological constitution is different. This is why I actually emailed Peak Nootropics to find out specifically about the money back guarantee; they do have a 30 day money back money guarantee. So if you are interested in trying Piracetam I would recommend trying this brand but if you end up being in the 10% — 15% that are unresponsive to Piracetam definitely take advantage of the money back guarantee.

About Piracetam

Two questions I get A LOT from people who are new to Biohacking and haven’t yet tried smart drugs is:

My answer to both questions is the same: Piracetam. It has significant body of scientific evidence behind it, over 600 human studies and academic papers are published about Piracetam on Pubmed.

Piracetam’s mechanism of action is not fully understood. It is a cyclic derivative of GABA, yet GABA receptors and metabolism appear to not be affected. It is neither, a sedative or a stimulant but is known to influence cognitive ability. Piracetam is also believed to be a vasodilator and a circulatory agent but this is not believed to be its main nootropic action.

Piracetam Stack

Piracetam goes well in combination with other nootropics. This combination is often referred to as a nootropic stack. Naturally, it goes well with a choline source and this is always recommended. Piracetam also stacks well with all the other racetams. Some choose to stack it with other racetams or selected ones. One advantage is that it is fairly cheap as compared to the other racetam nootropics. Piracetam and Aniracetam is a good stack is a very cost effective combination.

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