THE most MIND-BLOWING day of my life as a Biohacker

Jonathan Roseland
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The relentless seeker of wisdom and knowledge is sometimes rewarded with a “Satori experience” — a powerfully transformative moment of TOTAL spiritual clarity about your life and what you are in the world to do. In the past I was skeptical of such things, but no longer because this happened to me this year. It was pretty mindblowing, and while I’m still processing it, I’m ready to talk about it. But in describing this I prefer to use the Greek word Anakainōsis, which means a renewal, renovation, or complete change for the better.


I like this word more, I’ll tell you why a little later…

I was reading this entrepreneurship book, 10x Is Easier Than 2x, about exponential growth hacking in business and life. And I was getting really uncomfortable as I read it because it was calling out all the things I’ve been doing wrong with Limitless Mindset. All the ways I’d been limiting myself and the good I could do for you. It showed me how small I’ve been thinking. I’ve long prided myself on being a rule-breaker, a dissident, and an innovator but this book showed me how I’m falling far short of my potential because mostly I’m unoriginal in my endeavors. This book reminded me that I must find what I can do uniquely well that virtually no one else on Earth is doing.

After closing 10x Is Easier Than 2x one night, as I was going to the bathroom before bed, it hit me in one moment! In one of the few epiphanies of my life, I knew how to align my strengths with my mission in life — which is to give individuals the means to reclaim their divine right to free will. Free will is that spark of Promethean flame in us all and the one thing that makes us really special as a species on this planet. Yet so few truly yield it! And so much about modern life deprives us of our free will, that the only way to truly take it back is by Biohacking; using the kinds of transformative tools that I’ve obsessively studied and self-experimented with for over 12 years now. That’s my mission, and in that instant, I knew how to take it to the next level by combining my strengths to offer something truly unique to a small number of very special people — to you perhaps!

And I’ll tell you shortly exactly what that was, but first I wanted to tell you about January 6th, THE most MIND-BLOWING day of my life as a Biohacker…

The day after I had this epiphany was weird. I did my Nootropics and sat down to brainstorm this new way that I can fulfill my mission and I experienced this wild neuroplasticity event, I could feel my mind just expanding to new frontiers. I had, simultaneously, great creativity and expansive thinking but also perfect clarity. I knew everything I had to stop doing to focus on my mission.
For most of that day, I was in this sublime flowstate where I could tell my cognition was overclocking, my mind was processing so many things so quickly that I needed to limit the sources of sensory input. In the evening, I was exhausted by this eruption of ideas out of my mind so I told my wife (who was a little freaked out at this point) I was going to just sit down and play a really engaging computer game to quiet my mind. I tried but I realized after playing for a little while that I needed to quit computer games totally until I’d made some meaningful progress on this new thing. So I’ve cut out various distractions during this crucial phase of taking my mission to the next level — which I will call Anakainōsis.
During that day, I was jacked into some form of higher intelligence (if you’re skeptical of that I’m just telling you what it felt like!) I got two messages from God. One was about my marriage, about something I had to tell my wife and didn’t want to; I did and it was kind of a breakthrough moment with a private marriage issue we’ve had for a while. The second is something I need to keep private for a while, it was a message about the future of mankind on this planet. It’s one of those things that I need to articulate very carefully at the right time to the right people because otherwise, I’m really going to be thought of as a total madman.
And at the end of the day, my wife and I had mindblowing passionate sex, the most intense sex we’ve had in recent memory.
It was a weird day, but it gave me an incredible sense of clarity about a lot in my life.

If you’re curious, the Nootropics I was on that day were…
Alpha GPC (2 capsules — 600 mg)
Nicotine (single strong dose)
Homeopathic Piracetam
Tiger Milk mushroom
Tribulus terrestris (1 capsule)
Turkey Tail
Vitamin B3
Vitamin D3 (5000IU) + K2 (100MCG)

About aligning my strengths with my mission

I have a few real strengths…

  • Writing — It’s something I’ve loved doing since childhood. Since then, I’ve honed and refined my writing; doing it almost every day. I’ve figured out how to yield creativity hacks like mnemonics, nicotine, caffeine, l-theanine, and binaural beats to enhance my innate talent. At this point, I’ve written two books and over a thousand articles on Biohacking, anti-aging science, personal growth, and philosophy.
  • Listening, understanding, and coaching — This is my favorite part of my job as an Applied Neuroscience Strategist; sitting down on VOIP with someone, listening to what they are struggling with, and then giving them a bespoke Biohacking/lifehacking action plan for a breakthrough. Few things make me feel as alive as doing a 90-minute coaching session with someone where I’m able to give them some powerful transformative tools and knowledge for getting what they want in life.
  • Research — Reading is another lifelong passion of mine. I genuinely enjoy diving into dense nonfiction books on niche topics exploring health, longevity, genetics, performance enhancement, and mindset. Along with pouring over studies, anecdotal evidence, and theories to crystalize a nuanced and holistic understanding of a topic.

So here is how I’m going to align these with my mission in life while doing something new and innovative to take YOUR Biohacking, personal growth, and legacy to the next level…

I’m going to start writing books specifically for my individual coaching clients.

Instead of writing books and articles just for the general public or for a niche crowd, I’m going to write books for individuals — coaching/consulting clients of mine whom I can go on an edifying odyssey of transformation with. Here’s how this would work…

I’m going to offer a one-of-a-kind 6-month transformative coaching program…

With not just myself but a team of experts (I’m still in the process of building this team) providing insight and guidance in…
Advanced mindset transformation
Biohacking, anti-aging, and nootropics
Exercise and fitness
Life-purpose discovery
Productivity hacking
Jungian psychology and shadow work
And this is going to include…
Comprehensive and prescriptive analysis of your personal genotyping results. The program is going to include a genotyping kit and our team will design a bespoke Biohacking and anti-aging protocol for you based on a full genome sequencing of your 30,000 unique genes.

And I will be spending a lot of time with the client I’m writing the book for. The first month of the program we will have four discovery conversations, 60–90 minutes each, going deep into…

  1. Your Biohacking and Nootropics regimen — what biohacks you’ve tried, what’s working, and what isn’t.
  2. Current state of your life — goals, relationships, fears, vices, addictions — what challenges you are struggling with.
  3. Your life experiences along with your values, principles, beliefs, and faith.
  4. What is your exponential 10X blue ocean — what might you do better than anyone else on Earth?

Based upon all that and 6-months of follow-up coaching and consultation (this program is going to be called Anakainōsis), I will write a unique and original book inspired by your self-discovery journey in the 6-month program; crystalizing your values and principles along with the edifying guidance provided by the team of experts.

And here’s what’s going to make this book really special…

I’ve found an artisanal printer in Vermont, who does custom handmade creation of these beautiful, old-school, hardcover, leatherbound books with gold adornment — these books are truly a work of art that will blow away anyone who has the pleasure of holding them in their hands!

STYLIZED CONCEPTUAL RENDITIONS OF THE MASTERPIECE EDITION — Your book will have a unique title and cover design

This book, made to last 200 years, will be an enduring tangible manifestation of your Anakainōsis, with timeless beauty equaled only by the profound meaning within it for you and those who matter to you so much that you might hand them what will surely be your most treasured possession.

About Anakainōsis

I’m a Christian and a son of the West, and the word Anakainōsis is very special to me as it’s used in my very favorite verse of the Bible, Romans 12:2…

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is — his good, pleasing and perfect will.

This verse calls us to think for ourselves, exercise our free will, defy the status quo of our time (as Christ did), and embrace the continual renewal and renovation — Anakainōsis — of our minds.
And the second sentence of the verse is where it gets really interesting. I looked at a bunch of different translations and I believe it suggests that we find God’s plan for our life NOT by listening to religious authorities, reading old books, or following dogma but by practicing our free will and thus reigniting that spark of divinity within us. It’s one of the verses of the Bible that really sets the Christian faith apart, where we see God not demanding our acquiescence to a bunch of silly rules but asking us to discover His will by thinking for ourselves, and courageously charting our own course in life, while engaging in the renewal of our minds. God’s will, which it would seem is our job to co-create by practicing free will, is described — his good, pleasing and perfect will — and this kind of three-fold repetition is used in the Bible to signify particularly important points (I think, I’m not a Biblical scholar). It’s a verse that challenges some of the dogmatic ideas of religion that should resound powerfully for those of us into personal growth! While this program is for people of all faiths (or none), it seeks to be a manifestation of the spirit of Romans 12:2.

Caballo is coming back

One of the things I realized on January 6th, and this is going to get some of you who have followed me for a while very excited, is how to bring back Caballo — the Racetam-rich Nootropic stack I created and brought to the market about 7 years ago. I had one of the top Biohacking/Nootropics YouTube channels at the time and I sold this Nootropic stack to a bunch of veteran Nootropic users, people pretty advanced in their Biohacking game. And I was told repeatedly that this was the best Nootropic stack that they had ever tried, that it was the closest thing to real-life NZT-48. Which you would actually kind of expect looking at its ingredients. It was a very unique stack of Racetams, which are the best smart drugs, they blow everything else out of the water.
When I first brought it to market, I expected other companies to try to copy it, but they didn’t because it was quite expensive and I think manufacturers are afraid of regulators cracking down on them (even though the Racetams are totally legal and well proven by hundreds of gold standard clinical trials). Even now it’s almost impossible to find Racetam-based stacks, which is a shame! Good news, the Anakainōsis program is going to include a 1-year supply of Caballo.

You’re probably wondering how much the Anakainōsis program will cost…

This is for people ready to make a substantial investment in themselves, their health, their longevity, and perhaps more importantly (to them) their legacy.
And legacy is not just a vain thing like a painting of you on the wall that collects dust.

Your legacy is what you do in this life echoes in eternity. Your legacy is the exponential network effect reverberating into the future of the dedication, excellence, loyalty, wisdom, knowledge, presence, and love that you bring to your work, your family, your relationships, and your community.

This is different than all the other coaching programs out there because it’s going to produce something timeless and tangible, your Anakainōsis book. This is a book that will outlast you, perhaps by many decades, depending on how well you implement the personalized longevity blueprint put together by the expert team in the 6-month program. This book will sit on your children’s and then your grandchildren’s bookshelves when you are gone. When they are struggling in life and questioning who they are, they’ll open this book and they’ll learn about themselves by reading about your story, challenges, and hard-won life lessons. They’ll be reminded how your life philosophy — your closest-held principles and values — was multiplied and made manifest by how you lived.

About the cost of the program…

  • The team consulting you through the 6-month program will be leading experts in their respective fields, the kinds of people with hourly consulting rates in the mid-3-figures.
  • You are going to get a 1-year supply of the premium pharmaceutical-grade Nootropic stack that I used to sell at the price of $100 for a monthly supply.
  • I’m going to spend a lot of time with you (via VOIP or in person — this would be a thing where I could fly out to see you and hang out with you for like a week to have those four deep-dive conversations or you could come to see me in Bulgaria, which is a very underrated place, and we could do a bunch of cool Biohacking things together!)
  • I’m going to write a 200–400 page book for you. I’m a very productive writer on a lot of Nootropics, so it’s not going to take me years to write — it’s going to take me the six months of the program.
  • And the creation of this very special and durable book by a master artisan, who is compensated very handsomely for their craft.

So the program is going to be in the low 5-figure range, but it is going to be a 6-month program so there will be a 6-payment plan in the four-figure range along with multi-year financing options, which might end up being in the car payment range — NOT something you need to be a millionaire to afford!

If you’re a person who cares deeply about legacy (what you do in this life that echoes in eternity), if this all resounds with you, apply for the program today because I can only work with one person at a time.

After I start working on the first book for the first client, there’s going to be at least a 6-month wait for the program to open again.
I’m launching this program in the low-5-figure range, but I know that there are people in this world who would pay in the high-5-figure, 6-figure range, or more for this. And I’m the only one offering it, so I’m going to let supply and demand do its thing and I’ll raise the program price as soon as I get one person on the waitlist for the program. If everything I’ve talked about here stokes that Promethean flame within you, I don’t want you waiting a full year to get into the program and then another six months to hold your Anakainōsis book in your hands (and actually, it might take longer than that to get the masterpiece-print of the book as it’s a very time-consuming job for the artisan, they have a waitlist of a couple months.)

If what I’m talking about here resounds with you — if the idea of delving deep into your own genetics for guidance to multiply the good you can do in this life and commissioning a great work of literature, with a commanding presence on any bookshelf equaled only by the wisdom within — fans the flame of something within you, carpe diem — seize the day — and fill out the application form linked below on — where you can learn everything about this unique program and checkout conceptual renditions of what the beautiful Anakainōsis books will look like…

Originally published on I’m not a doctor, medical professional, or trained therapist. I’m a researcher and pragmatic biohacking practitioner exercising free speech to share evidence as I find it. I make no claims. Please practice skepticism and rational critical thinking. You should consult a professional about any serious decisions that you might make about your health. Affiliate links in this article support Limitless Mindset — spend over $150 and you’ll be eligible to join the Limitless Mindset Secret Society.



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