The Trump “resistance” will fail. Here’s why…

The left is just too sloppy to win the spy games that will determine the success or failure of their endeavor.

What I like to call the young right that supports Trump, is organized and active infiltrating, recording, investigating, and undermining the regressive — punch people you disagree with — left.

The left has been and will continue to break the law to resist Trump. The left doesn't have arguments and rationality. All it has is feelings, snark and violence. Jeff Sessions will be confirmed very soon and the rule of law will awaken from it’s 8 year slumber. Rioters beating women and attacking police along with domestic terrorists planning attacks will face justice. The spies that riddle the spectrum of adhoc leftist organizations will work with law enforcement so crime is prosecuted along with exposing the grotesqueness and hypocrisy of the left with viral social media videos.

The left is profoundly lazy and sloppy. Look at some of the photos of the leftist/SJWs above, these people cannot even be bothered to comb their hair, practice proper hygiene or go to gym. Do you really think these people are capable of operating antifragile organizations with counter espionage protocols in place? Hilary Clinton and John Podesta couldn’t even figure out how to secure their email accounts from hackers — in Romania!

The fundamental contradictions of the Trump resistance will undermine it as much as spies will. The portrayal of the Rebel Alliance in the recent Star Wars movie (which was breathtaking) is a somewhat apt representation of the Anti-Trump left in that it’s a loose coalition, with a common enemy. Where the metaphor breaks down though is that the left is a squawking flock of identity advocacy groups. Expect petty, violent conflict between La Raza and Black Lives Matter, between Feminists and Islamists. The Trump resistance is whole lot less like the Rebel Alliance and more like the warring houses of Game of Thrones.

You may say we leftists can also infiltrate, record and sabotage! Well…

In the cold war the CIA sent spies to infiltrate and undermine the soviet union and the KGB of course sent spies to do the same but ultimately this was a losing strategy for the soviets because America was just such a better place than the USSR. Soviet spies would discover that America was a lovely, tolerant place with respect for human rights and they would defect, becoming double agents and working to take down the soviet union.

That’s precisely what will happen to leftists who attempt to infiltrate the young right in an effort to resist Trump. They’ll discover that the paradigm has shifted and that Trump is a whole lot more like Luke Skywalker than Darth Vader.

Watch this video and ask yourself whose really acting more like stormtroopers…

Adventuring philosopher, Pompous pontificator, Writer, K-Selected Biohacker, Tantric husband, Raconteur & Smart Drug Dealer 🇺🇸

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