Editor’s Review: Discipline in a Capsule

I’ve been doing Oxiracetam for about 3 months now and it is becoming one of my favorite smart drugs because, for me at least, it is the discipline molecule.

There are other Nootropics that are better for…
Energy… Like Piracetam
Creativity… Like L-Theanine
Problem Solving… Phenylpiracetam
Stress Management… Like Nutraceuticals
Focus… Modafinil
Oxiracetam… is the discipline drug.
When I’m on Oxiracetam, I just do one hundred percent of what I know I should be doing…

In our modern age discipline is something most people would prefer not to think about…

If you dont have discipline, you are going to continually fail to accomplish your goals, you are going to feel like you are bashing your head against wall, you are always going to be starting things but rarely finishing things.
Lack of discipline is really difficult problem to self diagnose, unless you have really honest friends, that really care about you they aren’t going to call you out for your lack of discipline.
If you don’t have discipline then you don’t realize the value of it, you’ll talk about working smart instead of working hard, you’ll constantly be chasing new tactics and opportunities.
Finally discipline is self perpetuating, once you have some it’s easy to get more, but it’s really hard to acquire in the first place. I was lucky to come from a martial arts background and when I was younger I worked really challenging jobs that forced me to learn discipline.
The good news is that Oxiracetam is literally and figuratively a gateway drug to discipline.

For example…

The other night, it was around 10PM, I was in Hour 2 — still working, it had been probably 8 hours since I had a proper meal — cracked my coconut — I was quiet hungry and my mom and sister suggested we just order a pizza, but I said: no thanks, I would rather have something healthy and then I convinced them to get sushi instead.

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I would do in between two to three capsules daily 2400 milligrams total. It takes a little longer to kickin, 45–60 minutes.

It’s not a very energizing Nootropic so you are probably going to want to stack it with something that is…
Or the L-Theanine and Caffeine stack also by Pure Nootropics
Being very energized yet very disciplined, talk about a recipe for grandeur!

It also makes music better, I found myself on Oxiracetam, really enjoying my morning trance play list more than usual… Or I even find myself bachata dancing by myself.

It does seem to positively effect my Dual N-Back scores, one evening on Oxi I broke into 6-back territory.

About Oxiracetam

It increases learning, memory, and is widely used for neuro protective capabilities.

  • Shown to enhance memory and learning
  • Potent stimulant
  • Shown to protect against brain damage

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