So there’s this philosopher that I’m really not a fan of who you probably have never heard of, Jacques Derrida, who is one of great unseen architects (and intellectual vandals) of modern society. He created a very insidious virus — not a literal virus but a very viral idea; a mind virus, an intellectual contagion. And ideas are powerful, aren’t they?

His idea, to summarize, was that civilization must be burnt down. Completely. That civilization was utterly corrupt to it’s core and like a house hollowed out by termites should just be burnt down to the ground.

He had what was likely a very traumatic childhood growing up as a French Jew in Algiers during world war two. Obviously, his brain had some major malfunctions yet he had that Jewish verbal intelligence, capacity to craft persuasive prose and a bit of French charm and swagger.

He was the father of deconstructionism, which is quiet possibly the worst idea ever.
He believed that virtually everything about civilization was bad and beyond saving.

  • Democracy and republicanism was terrible and had to go.
  • The church and religion was terrible and had to go.
  • The family and the way we raise children was especially terrible and had to go.
  • Science and mathematics was terrible and had to go.
  • Even rationality and logic and was terrible and had to go.

He wrote 40 books which contain all sorts of egregious inconsistencies and contradictions, his response when confronted with this was that rationality and logic were at the core of this evil system of oppression (aka civilization) and that he would not be constrained by them.

And in the world traumatized by the second world war, many fertile minds bought what he was selling. He was a tremendous influence on many schools of thought that arose in the second half of the 20th century; post-modernism, cultural Marxism anthropology, feminism, social sciences, literary interpretation, applied linguistics, etc

His mind virus found a powerful ally of convenience in the KGB. After world war two communist spies successful infiltrated the inner sanctums of power in Western countries. The KGB worked very discretely to infiltrate and place those infected with the virus into positions of influence in academia, government, media and Hollywood and the virus spread.

Now that you know about this virus, you’ll see it everywhere; out in public on the streets, on TV, at your workplace, at your school, it really is prolific. If you turn on the news right now, you won’t need to watch long to see unwitting disciples of Derrida who today in 2017 are still hellbent on burning civilization to the ground.

Less conspicuously the virus has had a terrible yet hidden effect on the integrity of science. The sad truth is that some domains of science have really abandoned logic and reason just like Derrida did.

We dream of this Star Trek world were we can live as long as we like in perfect health, travel to stars, were all disease and widespread poverty will be eradicated, were unborn babies will have their genes CRSPR edited so that they have +120 IQs. A world of true abundance for all.
However, the reality is that we will never reach that world if Derrida’s virus continues to spread, infect and corrupt the sciences. If his odious idea virus out competes rationality, logic and empiricism we can count on the future being a cruel, dark savage experience for seven, eight, nine or maybe even ten billion human beings.

Which is why I’ve began a video series that’s a whole lot more practical about how we can tell the difference between bad science and good science. This week I addressed the question: What is Pseudoscience?

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Unless you’ve really devoted some time to studying health and staying up to date with the research and science, you’ll likely believe that everything gives you cancer.

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The core belief of hedonism is that…
People should do everything in their power to achieve the maximum amount of pleasure. It is also the idea that every person’s pleasure should far surpass their amount of pain.
We live in an extraordinary time when you could drink deeply from the cup of hedonism in perpetuity, IF you do it the smart way…

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Jonathan Roseland

Adventuring philosopher, Pompous pontificator, Writer, K-Selected Biohacker, Tantric husband, Raconteur & Smart Drug Dealer 🇺🇸

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