There’s a Youtube channel that all white people should follow or at least surf by periodically, it’s by the author of the book White Girl Bleed a Lot.

Colin Flaherty’s YouTube Channel repeatedly documents the phenomenon of black on white violence in a way that Youtube and smartphone videos make possible.

The disproportionality of black on white violent crime really is staggering.

The data illustrated is from 2010, so maybe a little dated, but go to any credible source of crime statistics — not the HuffingPost — just go to the FBI crime statistics reports and you’ll find a similar disproportion.

On Colin’s channel alone you can find hundreds of examples of black on white violent crime captured on camera.

Now try to find similar examples of white on black crime

And you’ll find almost NOTHING.

Of course everyone rush to try to explain the why blacks are just 13% of the population in US commit so many violent crimes that seem to be targeting whites and Asians. Liberally academics have no doubt had forests of trees cut down to make the paper to print books on that subject.

Colin takes a more common sense approach, instead of hypothesizing reasons why the violence is so out of proportion, he just documents it and concludes…

A truth that Real Talk: WOC & Allies’s blatantly racist article underlines with so much pomp and flatulence.

Go watch Colin’s Youtube videos and really think about who is violent oppressing who in American society.

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