This man biologically aged BACKWARDS from 70 to 44 years old in 8 months, here’s how…

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Jonathan Roseland
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If you’re skeptical that’s fine. So was I until I saw Lawrence’s biomarker data, blood tests, which objectively measure nine different biological markers. I’ve been anti-aging obsessed for 8 years, his data blew my socks all the way across the room, I’ve read hundreds of these too good to be true anecdotal reports but he proved it by sharing his data, which I include below for the other data-lovers.

To clarify, this data demonstrates that Lawrence biologically aged backward, I’m not talking about time travel involving a Delorian or anything silly like that. Lawrence was a pre-diabetic 60-year-old stricken with arthritis (biological age 70) when he began reading about NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide), a new anti-aging medicine that your doctor probably doesn’t know about but that Harvard anti-aging researchers believe is a crucial part of the puzzle of elongating healthspan, 8-months later he felt and looked a lot younger (biological age 45, according to the data). But don’t take my word for it, here’s what Lawrence had to say…

About weight loss and muscle growth

“My weight began to drop within a couple of days. Within weeks I felt that I was shedding belly fat and noticed a visible flattening of my tummy.”

“At that time, I also noticed an increase in strength, endurance and muscle size. By the end of the program, I weighed 208 and I believe that I had lost around 20 lbs. of fat and replaced it with around 12 lbs. of muscle.”

About testosterone

“After starting the NMN supplementation I noticed a nice increase of the pep in my step. All of the males in our group have reported a 100 to 200 point increase in their testosterone levels. The guys with low baseline levels of testosterone all noticed a marked increase in the pep of their step or alternately described as the NMN kicking in. The guys with high baseline levels of testosterone barely noticed any change to their pep and didn’t have the sensation of the NMN kicking in.”

“Testosterone increased 47% from 227 to 335.”

About arthritis

“Years ago, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.”

“When I was on NMN, the arthritis in my knuckles began to clear in the 3rd week. By the 3rd month all of the arthritis in every joint in my body had cleared.”

About sleep quality

“Within the first month I noticed that I was sleeping much more soundly, sleeping about an hour longer and waking up really refreshed and clear-minded.”

About energy and youthfulness

“When I first started taking NMN, I immediately noticed a slight increase in energy.”

“Several months into the original regimen of NMN my neighbors were stopping me and commenting that I was looking healthier, younger, more energetic, buff, really good, etc.”

“I personally attribute my boost in energy to the increase of my testosterone.”

About inflammation

My inflammation markers all improved.
C-reactive protein dropped from a post NR 0.9 to 0.49.
Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha dropped from 1.9 to 1.2
Interleukin-6 plasma dropped from 1.2 to 0.9.
These last three tests were all measurements of inflammation levels in my body. As increased inflammation is tied to aging and a decrease in general health, I was pleased to see my inflammation levels being reduced. As a chronological 60-year old male, I was pleased to see that my biological age had dropped from 70 to 44.”

About aesthetics and mobility

“One of the more interesting comments was that I was moving like a much younger person. After that comment I focused on my walking mechanics and realized that I was walking with a much straighter posture with shoulders back, chest out and a looser, more fluid and quicker stride as all my joints were more flexible and pain free. Physically, I felt like my body did 20 years earlier.”

A few snapshots of the data from his blood tests showing the biological anti-aging according to nine biomarkers.

From the full reports he shared online.
LW NMN Log (Nov. 2019).docx
LW Lab results.xls
LW dosing log.docx

You can purchase pharmaceutical grade NMN here. Pharmaceutical grade means that purity has been lab-verified to be above 97% and free of additives or toxins. There’s a usage and dosage protocol that you’ll want to follow with NMN to use it most economically to get the maximum longevity bang for your buck.

You might wonder…

Why the heck haven’t I heard about this NMN stuff before? And what sorts of side effects does it have?

NMN is a natural, unpatented anti-aging medicine, it’s a special form of Vitamin B3 and it converts into the NAD+ molecule that our bodies produce naturally but over time our NAD+ levels decline causing aging and disease. Since it’s unpatented big pharma isn’t going to be advertising it on television anytime soon nor will your doctor be prescribing it unless they keep up with the latest anti-aging research coming out of places like Harvard and University School of Medicine in Tokyo.

Side effects are minimal to non-existent (a few places around the internet people report increased appetite) as it doesn’t directly hack our biology by stimulating hormones or neurotransmitters, it works by feeding us a little more of this natural molecule that we need for optimal epigenetic function, allowing our bodies to turn on and off the right genes at the right time. It just empowers our bodies to do what our bodies do naturally.

Here’s what Lawrence concluded…

“In summary, some of the benefits appeared to be lasting, while others went away after I stopped taking NMN. Overall, I felt my initial experience with NMN was very positive with no downside risk.”

“I firmly believe that I now have a much healthier body and I also believe that my body is functioning like a much younger version of myself.”

Harvard anti-aging researcher and bestselling author David Sinclair, Ph.D. explains more about NMN, here…

He also did an interview on the Joe Rogan Experience detailing his extensive experience with NMN.

If you want to research it further, you’ll want to read a detailed analysis I did breaking down all the scientific studies that back up anecdotal reports like Lawrence’s.

If you’re still skeptical of Lawrence’s real-life Benjamin Button transformation, I understand, you can confirm his story by reading this exhaustive 20-page Longecity forum thread where he goes into a lot more detail. Extraordinary claims, require extraordinary evidence and he provides it.

Results NOT Typical

While using NMN Lawrence was implementing a lot of other smart biohacks to empower his health — his transformation should not be credited to NMN alone. However, I share his story because I looked at numerous credible biohacker NMN case studies that are consistent with the effects described above. A single anecdote, even a thorough one like Lawrence’s, is just something that someone on the internet said, but when you find numerous credible examples of an effect being imbued by a given supplement, you can be optimistic about using it.



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