This milk is past it’s expiration date gents.

Why should any man put up with this dramatic woman and all her baggage when they could be enjoying a younger, sexier woman?

The way that courtship works is that a young woman has high sexual value because of her beauty and fertility, her value declines deleteriously in her 30s. A young man has low sexual value because of relative lack of resources and wealth. If he works hard and smart his resources and wealth will grow over time. In this dance, the woman must make a bet, hopefully selecting a man whose resources will grow. But the man definitely is not making a bet. There is a certainty that the women’s sexual value will drop sharply. Seriously dating a woman aged 35 years old is tantamount to buying stock right before it goes to zero or a car before it’s engine seizes up.

I’ll admit that I’m now dating a woman who is 31 which is almost too old. The only reasons I date her are…

  • She’s marvelously undramatic and reasonable.
  • She’s almost too helpful — always looking for little things to do to help me.
  • She respects my time and my wallet.
  • She’s feminine, elegant and like the writer not HOT but certainly attractive.
  • She can hold a conversation and has a pleasant personality.
  • The sex is great. She really treats me like a king.
  • She doesn’t have any kids.
  • Importantly, she’s relatively inexperienced as far as sex and relationships. I don’t feel like I’m in a relationship with the last 10 bad boys she casually dated.

If she wasn’t all of the above or if she was older than 31... No way. I have standards.

Adventuring philosopher, Pompous pontificator, Writer, K-Selected Biohacker, Tantric husband, Raconteur & Smart Drug Dealer 🇺🇸

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