Thought experiment: How would you conquer the United States?

It would be very difficult but not impossible.

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t’s bordered by two giant oceans which makes a ground invasion virtually impossible.

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It has the most powerful military. Ever. Armed with the most lethal and technologically advanced weaponry. It has the best Airforce, Navy, Army and cyber warriors. And lots of nukes.

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If you somehow managed to defeat the mighty military of the United States, then you would have to pacify the native population which owns 300,000,000 guns and is widely distributed over a massive, rugged continent.

You could not conquer the United States with force.

But given a sufficiently enticing honey pot greed will find a way. The honey pot for the conqueror of the United States would be the immense wealth of it’s native population $80 trillion dollars. That’s…


But were there’s a will there’s a way. If you were going to conquer the United States you would have to do it very covertly and slowly…

  • Introduce an intellectual contagion, a mind virus, that convinces the people to hate themselves.
  • Brainwash the public into communist ideologies clocked in the language of anti-rascism and anti-fascism via popular culture and the universities.
  • Convince the people to abandon their religion, stop marrying and having children.
  • Then slowly replace the native population via boundless mass immigration.
  • Move in a bunch of Muslim immigrants and then enshrine Sharia law cloaked in the language of Islamophobia.
  • Replace free speech with a right to not be offended and hate speech laws.
  • Rewrite history to convince both the native population and waves of mass immigration to hate the foundational Anglo cultural heritage of the country.
  • Invent marvelous technology to spy on the every word and thought of the population.
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If you did it slowly enough you really could conquer the United States and plunder it’s vast wealth.

What you wouldn’t want to do in the middle of this grand plan is attack and kill a bunch of Americans at a country music concert which is one of the last few cultural bastions of traditional, Christian America.

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If you did that the people you aimed to conquer might just start to wake up and realize what was really happening.

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