Three years ago on a chilly Thanksgiving day, we got married in a modest ceremony.

And we couldn’t have picked a better day to do the deed as we’ve grown together in reciprocal gratitude since then.

In the intervening years, you’ve grown in beauty and brilliance in my eyes. The beauty and femininity that emanates from every atom of your being — from your toes and little hands to the curve of your back and sweet boobies — captures me more and more every day. You don’t cease to surprise me with your wittiness, insight, and cleverness — like how you outsmarted the cellphone store employees and fixed the problem with my phone the other day!

You deserve the finest dining at the swankiest spot in town, but this year we’re made by this green pass nonsense to celebrate our anniversary at home, but your edifying elegance cannot be masked.
It’s been a very weird decade so far, but — by far — my years as your husband, Gergana, have been the most joyful of my life — especially this year. There’s nobody else with whom I’d rather do silly role-plays on Friday nights, record book review podcasts, discuss cryptocurrency, throw coconuts on the ground, or share supplements.
With you, I’ve become the man I was meant to be (which is, among many things, a man who unashamedly does not use shampoo).

Thank you for putting your trust in me over and over again. With you as my #1, I’m pretty sure I can captain the pirate ship through the most turbulent of seas to a land of flowing honey and immortal koalas.