Top 7 Benefits of TUDCA the “Bear” of Liver Biohacks

Too often, our livers don’t get the love they deserve — actually, they take a lot of abuse! TUDCA is a rarefied supplement that supports the function of this organ that does so much to support us.

Tauroursodeoxycholic Acid, which I’ll refer to with the phonetically uncumbersome acronym TUDCA from now on, has a not-insignificant amount of science backing it up, 13 human clinical trials can be found on Pubmed.

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Liver Support for Bodybuilders

TUDCA is loved in the bodybuilding space because it restores, rehabs and maintains the liver, which bodybuilders throw endless strange molecules at. Bodybuilders take Steroids and SARMs in “bulking cycles” to cut fat fast and accelerate muscle growth, oral anabolic steroids, increasing ALT and AST liver enzyme levels, TUDCA mitigates this along with…

  • Prevents buildup of liver bile
  • Blocks formation of toxic metabolites

Treats Cholestasis

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Hangover Hack/Alcohol Recovery

TUDCA isn’t the first supplement that I would recommend to boozing biohackers, but it certainly qualifies as a hangover hack because of all the good it does for your liver. As opposed to blocking alcohol from converting into toxic acetaldehyde it just reverses liver damage, so it’s probably more effective for recovering alcoholics to take than it is for averting a hangover.
Importantly: Don’t take it before drinking (it actually does more liver damage), take it during or after drinking.

Combats Liver Cirrhosis

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Treating Hepatitis

A few decades ago an Italian placebo-controlled, multicenter study of One hundred and fifty patients with chronic hepatitis evaluated it for 6 months and concluded simply:

Diabetes and Insulin Sensitivity

  • It’s an anti-aging Nootropic in that it does cross the blood-brain barrier where it decreases beta-amyloid, it’s speculated that it might be a potent preventative measure for Alzheimer’s.
  • TUDCA prevents apoptosisthe death of liver cells. I have mixed feelings about Apoptosis, in one sense you want your old cells to die at the right time and be replaced by young cells. You don’t want your body’s cells to be like Japan, with a disproportionately old population.

Cancer Prevention

A handful of studies and papers suggest that TUDCA mitigates cancer cell proliferation, particularly Colon cancer, according to a 2017 paper published in PLOS.
I would wager that it has a downstream effect of preventing cancer via its liver support effect. The general toxicity of nearly everything we consume results in cancer, the risk of which increases the worse our livers get at filtering out toxins. Even if you’re not a roided-up bodybuilder, it’s probably a wise cancer prevention measure to order a bottle of TUDCA once or twice a year and take it for a month or month two.

Risk Grade: A-

  • In a human study, 1500 milligrams were taken daily for 6 months by subjects and no adverse events occurred — meaning that nobody experienced any unpleasant side effects bad enough that they were reported to the scientists running the study.
  • 500 milligrams daily was safely tolerated for a year by patients in an Italian liver transplant study.

Side Effects

While it has a long, scary-sounding name, it’s a natural chemical produced in the body, so the negative effects documented are minimal.

  • Pregnant women or children

Dosage and Usage

If you’re a bodybuilder taking steroids or SARMs be responsible and use TUDCA during your bulking cycles. Ideally, you would want to get liver enzyme tests done to see how the drugs are affecting your liver. If not, pay attention to your urine, the darker it is the more concerned you should be with liver rehab. If hangovers hit you really hard, then it’s time for some liver maintenance.
TUDCA’s notable cofactor is N-Acetyl Cysteine

Recommended daily

  • As low as 250 milligrams for treating primary biliary cholangitis
  • 500 milligrams daily was taken by patients recovering from a liver transplant
  • 1000–1500 milligrams is the standard dose for bodybuilders or healthy adults.
  • 1750 milligrams is the higher end of the dosage range, this kind of dosage would be appropriate for someone treating fatty liver disease.

The TUDCA Scam

Apparently, there’s TUDCA scam to be wary of, companies mislabel UDCA as TUDCA. UDCA is less bioavailable and pharmacologically active. TUDCA should cost $40–60 per bottle if it costs $25-$30 it’s most certainly… no bueno, ne khorosho, ni dobre, it’s no good, my friend!

Narrows Labs takes purity and quality SERIOUSLY and proves it by publishing product quality assurance lab testing of TUDCA Capsules

  • Sixty 300 milligram capsules (18 grams total)
  • Free shipping on American orders
  • View COA
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