Transhumanist: “I’m afraid of death!”

We answer your Biohacking and Lifehacking questions in this Q&A podcast…

We recorded this while I was pepped up with PEMFs administered directly to my forehead with the IC Hummer, hopefully, it makes me a perkier podcaster!


What you find on this website is NOT medical advice. I’m not a doctor. I’m just an experienced unlicensed self-experimenter practicing free speech in talking about my own extensive experiences and my interpretations of published science. Please see my guide on How to Biohack Smart and Safe. You should consult a doctor about any biohacking you’re doing and ideally, also get a second opinion.

#34 Questions

Why are you interested in Biohacking?
I’m a Transhumanist. I don’t want to die.
Other details about your Biohacking goals or challenges?
I want to stop overthinking about the future and what happens when we die. I want to be more present, more productive, have more motivation to work in projects and be able to concentrate better so I can learn more things. I usually have so many ideas but it’s hard to sit and put into practice. I get easily distracted and frustrated to be sitting down in front of the computer. I also want to communicate better and become a confident public speaker.
Your Age: 30


Hello again, I wondered what happened to you and as to whether you are sill reviewing products, have you tried Qualia ?

Responding to: Methylene Blue: A safe, effective, and affordable biohack

Greetings from Bulgaria, great podcast! Thank you very much! I laughed so hard when Mark mentioned Bulgaria. I got my hands on something call Methylene Blue Trihydrate 99% purity (C16H18N3S•Cl•3H2O) do you have an idea if it’s any different than Methylene Blue (C16H18ClN3S)? Thanks again!

Read: Methylene Blue trihydrate (Compound) — Safety and Hazards and Toxicology and carcinogenesis studies of methylene blue trihydrate

European source of safe, pharmaceutical-grade Methylene Blue

Responding to: How to Stay Loyal to Your Woman — 6 steps to resilient sexual-spiritual risk mitigation

Which sex exercises hypergamy?

  • Read my book: Don’t Stick Your Dick in a Blender — How to meet a nice girl instead — from a tantric husband with a better sex life than you! About filtering and disqualification in your dating.

I just read through your site and I am certainly going to make some changes from tomorrow by taking on board some of the Tsaoists strategies. However, I need a ‘quicker fix’ for my condition of premature ejaculation which has returned since ending my prescriptions of SSRI medication due to wanting to cure this with noots & naturally.
As you can probably guess I’ve tried multiple combinations over the last few years since coming off the antidepressant medication, but I can’t seem to get the right formula. Any advice/guidance for a stack would be fabulous?


  • Do Kegels, increase testosterone, no porn, and meditative masturbation — as prescribed in my book.

Hi i am writing to ask if you ever tried Meldonium Mildronate® ?
I seems like there is a lot of good this can do any feedback or thoughts on Meldonium Mildronate®
I would like to try using this before my workouts to increase the pump.

Learn more about Mildronate

Also consider Yohimbine, HMB, and Creatine.

Lean Life Coaching biohacking consulting

As mentioned in the podcast, this is a very lean biohacking consulting/life coaching program. Here’s how this would work…

  • The Biohacking Consultation is 1 hour and 45 minutes total — which is actually two consulting calls.
  • First Call 1 hour — Discovery & Strategizing call, I need to ask you some questions, we’ll discuss your history and outline a biohacking strategy and action plan to overcome your issues.
  • Second Call 45 minutes — Follow up call in 30 or 60 days to see how you’re doing with the plan we outlined; how you’ve improved, what you’re struggling with, etc

There are a few important reasons we split the time up into two calls

  • It’s a significant motivation hack for you to follow through on the biohacking habits and plan we’ll outline because you’re accountable to me in 30 or 60 days.
  • I’m incentivized to come up with an effective biohacking strategy for you because I have to talk to you after you’ve been following it for a month or two.
  • It timeboxes us with a deadline in 30 or 60 days for you to make improvements and accomplish your goals.

PLEASE fill out this form

Take a few minutes to answer a few questions, if your issues are far outside my areas of expertise I’ll decline the consultation. My time is finite and very valuable so I only want to spend it consulting the people I can really help. Thanks in advance for your understanding!

INVEST at least $100 in your own mind with these recommended sources and get a Biohacking consultation



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