Trick People into Thinking You are a Good Person

Disclaimer: I don’t actually advocate tricking people, unless it’s for their own enjoyment.

This episode we discuss a subtle communication shift you can make along with 7 other life hacks that will create the perception by others that you are highly consistent, dependable and reliable person without actually doing more work. We also give life hacking applications of memory systems to ensure you never lose your phone again along with the sales and influence strategy of multiple hook points.

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Bruce Lee Quote about Consistency and Dependability:

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“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times. It’s not the daily increase but daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential.”

In this episode we discuss

  • The subjectivity of limitless character qualities.
  • Arbitrarily inflate your deadlines for tasks.
  • Inflate the ‘weight’ of your tasks.
  • The rookie/veteran locksmith dynamic.
  • Call attention to the areas where you are consistent.
  • Call people back at specific times as opposed to as soon as you get their message.
  • Handling meetings with consistency.
  • How to talk about big goals and vision. Line to use: I am not yet the person who can do this.
  • Utilize 3rd party credibility.
  • Write people letters of reference.
  • Add highlights from your letters of reference to your email signature
  • How to avoid absentmindedness and losing your valuables using absurd visual associations.
  • Multiple Hook Points: a sales and persuasion strategy.
  • How to make a technology sales pitch.

Template for letter of reference request

In your letter of reference please include:
My communication style and ease of working with me.
How dependable or reliable I am.
The quality of the work I produce.

Links & Resources

Setting up a corporate branded email through Gmail
Templates for Proposals
Keep your goals for yourself: 3 different scientific studies dating back to 1926
How to stop losing your smartphone all the damn time

Free technology applications recommended for reliable life hackers world wide are:


David Guetta Feat. Sia — ‘She Wolf (Falling to Pieces)’
‘Power’ by Capeesh ft. Thelonious & Kid Dynomite
‘I Made It’ by Kevin Rudolf & Young Money

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