Vitamin B17: The Vitamin You are NOT Allowed to Take

Also known as Amygdalin or Laetrile is a controversial compound that occurs naturally in nature in the bitter seeds of Apricots, apples, and peaches.

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A very personal anecdote…

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A Dubious Contraceptive Method

Vitamin B17 and apricot seeds in particular likely prevent pregnancy and can even be used for an herbal abortion (Yes, that’s a thing!).

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A Less Dubious Cancer Cure

The FDA banned it because it cures cancer.

Upon reading the previous sentence you’re maybe thinking…
Of course! They wouldn’t want us curing cancer! That would put them out of business!
Some days I would totally share your cynicism but the reality is probably a whole lot more complex and nuanced.
I haven’t researched it thoroughly enough to say conclusively whether or not it actually cures cancer, I don’t think anyone has.
If a close friend or family member of mine was facing the dire specter of cancer, I wouldn’t get their hopes up too high repeating the hyperbole surrounding Vitamin B17. However, given the preponderance of scientific and anecdotal evidence, I’ll recommend using it to promote longevity and prevent cancer.


About a hundred years ago it was isolated from bitter almonds has since been embroiled in controversy because one of it’s constituent parts is cyanide. However, in moderation, the cyanide is counter-acted by another chemical in the seed. Actually, you consume cyanide all the time, if you eat raw almonds or spinach for example.

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The Science

However, far from a universal research moratorium on it, there’s been over a hundred papers, human studies, and meta-analysis done in the past 10 years alone.
A 2016 paper out of Goethe-University in Germany concluded:

Cyanide Poisoning

I found two recent reports on Pubmed of severe cyanide poisoning, but both are pretty extreme cases that could be avoided by a responsible Biohacker using conservative doses. One resulted from some idiot parents who gave too many apricot kernels to their 4-year-old child

The War on Cancer?

Looking at the stark statistics western medicine is doing a remarkably bad job finding a cure for cancer.

Anecdotal Evidence

There’s a book Laetrile Case Histories documenting work done at The Richardson Cancer Clinic; from its blurb

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You can’t buy Laetrile itself thanks to the FDA ban but you can eat foods high in Amygdalin
Californian apricot seeds (8%)
Peach seeds (6%)
Plum seeds (2%)
Bitter almonds (5%)
Apple seeds
The general rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t eat more seeds than you would if you were eating the whole food. You wouldn’t eat more than 4–6 apricots in a sitting, so don’t eat more than 4–6 apricot seeds.

Vitamin B17 is a higher risk Biohack

but I share it with you because the potential upside is tremendous…

  • Being able to naturally have quiet safe sex without the significant downsides of hormonal birth control.

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