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Jonathan Roseland
4 min readMar 26, 2021


Add a new dimension of value to your site by using dynamic functionality features that allow you and your visitors to interact with the site. From social user profiles, discussion forums, Web 2.0 functionality, and email capture databases to dashboards and full-on social media sites.

Content management systems

Adding a content management system is one of the smartest things you can do with your website. This will allow you to log in to a secure admin area (www.yoursite.com/admin) and update the content (article, text, pictures, video, etc) on your site anytime you want. Your content management system will be built with a very robust, yet simple-to-use interface. You can use this to update…

  • Post blogs and video blogs, so you can blog your thoughts on various subjects related to your business.
  • Update photo and video galleries.
  • Give employees limited administration permissions to update site sections.
  • Manage online stores and inventory.
  • Manage subscription-based online offerings.
  • Moderate forums and online communities.
  • Manage a social network on your site.
  • And much more — there are over 6000 Joomla extensions.

Membership profiles with social networking

Allows users visiting the site to create a profile for themselves; through this profile, they can access the database, resources, and purchase products or services. They can network with each other, share advice, blogs, etc. You will be able to track membership usage, traffic flow, and other metrics. Premium paid memberships and auto-billing e-commerce features are among the most lucrative.

Email capture functionality

Building a good email marketing list of your is one of the most effective ways to market online. We set up “squeeze pages” that will incentivize your site’s visitors to join your mailing by offering a free informational product. This can be integrated with full email marketing campaign management systems like Aweber and Constant Contact.

Events calendars and ticket sales

You can use a content management system to market and maintain an events calendar; allow users to RSVP online or even sell tickets.

Reviews, recommendations, and listings functionality

Watch: Jonathan the JReviews Expert: Joomla Ninja Developer on Listings Directory & Reviews Websites

The ability for users to interact with your site, submit listings, and write reviews of anything. Also allows you to set up editors to submit formal reviews. Can be used in conjunction with user profile systems, integrated right into social media, or eCommerce systems. Great for the following types of sites…

  • Product review websites.
  • Consumer reports and advocacy websites.
  • Restaurant, bar, and nightclub websites.
  • Movie reviews.

Google Maps integration

Bringing the awesome functionality and global scale of google maps to your website. We can use the Google Maps or OpenStreetMaps API to imbed cross-referenceable information into a Google map on your site. This can be used in conjunction with user profile systems, integrated right into social media or eCommerce systems. Great for real estate and “local flavor” sites!

More dynamic functionality options…

  • Online quizzes and tests.
  • User creation and customization of “micro sites.”
  • Virtual tours of real estate, 3D environments, etc.
  • Catalog and filling systems.
  • Media libraries.
  • Interactive maps.
  • Flash games.
  • Internet yellow pages directory.
  • Text messaging services and advertising.
  • Digital business directories.
  • Widgets (software, embedded, social media, etc).
  • Online data mining software.
  • Social media websites.
  • Smartphone apps.
  • Artificial intelligence applications.
  • Logistics Software.
  • E-Commerce and shopping carts.
  • Merchant accounts and payment gateways.
  • Content management systems (CMS).
  • Database development and integration.
  • Custom application programming.
  • Green web hosting.



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