What 100 biohackers are saying about C60…

I recently finished putting together this animated infographic visualizing what 100 different biohackers are saying about their self experimentation with C60 in olive oil.

75% of users agreed that they had a positive experience with C60 in olive oil. 20% had a neutral experience.

49% said it made them feel younger.

58% agreed I would say C60 and Olive Oil solution has worked for me and has given me health benefits.

59% of users reported no undesirable side effects, 13% were uncertain of any side effect. The reported side effects were minor.

Check the full C60 survey data visualization here. I also had designed a beautiful infographic breaking down the effects and mechanism of C60.

Meet Candida Auris, a very nasty specie of microscopic fungus that is resistant to every known anti-fungal medication. It’s bulletproof to all known antibiotics. Alarmingly it seems to kill about 50% of those infected after about 90 days. The CDC is tracking outbreaks in Chicago and New York along with several other major US cities and a few different countries. Apparently hospitals are the main disease vectors, the fungus sticks around in hospitals and is spread among patients inadvertently. The really creepy thing about Candida Auris is that it outlives its victims, after someone dies of it the fungus continues to grow and spread in their hospital room, even after the room has been sterilized.

Is this Outbreak in real life? Probably not. It only appears in people who are immune compromised and already in poor health. Your risk increases sharply if you need to go to the hospital in one of the outbreak hotspots and they are sticking a lot of tubes in you.

This is a great reminder to Biohack and empower your immune system with adaptogenic herbs, Mitochondrial support, high quality Vitamins, and hyperimmune egg along with doing things like 3 day fasts, exposing yourself to ample UV-B light and regularly eating probiotic foods. And don’t take antibiotics unless you really need them.

A few weeks back when I released my documentary on prepping for catastrophe with biohacking a few people called it “fear mongering”. I’ll probably be accused of the same for my concern with Candida Auris and perhaps some kind of cure or effective treatment will be found in several weeks and you can forget about Candida Auris. But the way our society has overused antibiotics ensures that highly adaptive superbugs will be a threat for the forseable future. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, don’t wait until one of these superbugs threatens your life (or the lives of those who you care for) before thinking seriously about biohacking immunity.

Metformin: A game changing anti-aging drug or a really problematic big pharma product?

Guys and gals, I have met my match as a researcher, Metformin. I pride myself on being able to discern the difference between information and misinformation, between science and marketing hype and I’m not sure if I’ve ascertained the truth about Metformin. I’ve tried to wrap my head around the vast amount of research and commentary on Metformin and honestly, I’m not sure if Metformin is a game changing anti-aging drug or a really problematic big pharma product.

I recently began updating (and making some badly needed grammar corrections) to older Nootropic meta analysis articles of mine.

Decriminalize Everything: The Case for Abolishing Crime

Like many of you I’ve taken the red pill and had the unpleasant epiphany that many “first world” developed countries are beyond saving. I had concluded that the United States where I’m from, like the Titanic after its hull was ripped open by that iceberg is on an inevitable course to sink into darkness. I’d reached the conclusion that the only solution to preventing a truly dystopian future was widespread implementation human gene editing technology. But, upon deeper contemplation, I think there may be a second option for saving civilization…

Doubt the Devil. Doubt Everything

I think that society really needs to have some faith in a character that we used to both respect and fear. The Devil. Yes, that old wily, hooved bastard, I’ll explain…

“Johnathan is a young guy who has had a wider than usual range of experiences the stories of which he recounts in a very interesting and engaging manner but more than that he is a leader in the biohacking and self improvement space and this book is full of useful/actionable information and the results of his self experimentation.

I bought this book then sat on it for weeks so I could read it on my holiday and I thoroughly enjoyed it, a real page turner it kept me engaged and scribbling notes all the way through.”

Please order it today on Amazon https://amzn.to/2VQwJdq ($9.99)
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Super antioxidizing the oxidized,

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