What do you want from Limitless Mindset in 2017?

I’ve been thinking hard about what I want Limitless Mindset to deliver to you in 2017…

I’ve narrowed it down to these options, please leave a comment with one or two of them, that appeal to you. I would really appreciate your feedback!

1) Caballo — My pragmatic side says I should just focus on Caballo, my unique smart drug for cognitive capital in 2017 because a lot of you already opened up your wallets and shelled out your dollars (and Bitcoin) to invest in your own cognitive capital. It’s a great stack, I’m not going to mess with the formula and the marketing/educational material I’ve created has been very effective but there’s a lot of room for improvement in my logistics.
2) Adapt 232 — A new product, for the past year I’ve been using this excellent adaptogenic herbal concoction for energy and immunity. It works on cognition mechanisms that are totally different yet synchonistic with the Racetams. It tastes great and works as an alternative to caffeine as your morning pick me up.
However, there’s actually a good reason why I might NOT want to focus on 1 or 2. I’m becoming increasingly aware of the risk I’m taking by selling a supplement and also making reasonable claims about what it does. Many supplement manufacturers are effectively muzzled by the regulating agencies from making true claims about their products. Even if there’s clear science demonstrating the veracity of the claim. The better I am at marketing my products the more risk I take that I’ll receive the dreaded cease desist letter from the FDA, if I want to FDA to take a look at the science underlying the profound benefits of what I’m selling, well I need to get in a very long line behind the crony capitalists spending billions to bring their products to market. Which is why my risk averse side thinks that instead in 2017 I should focus on…
3) Smart Drug Research and Self Experimentation — I could avoid government entanglements by just focusing my efforts on being a journalist who covers developments in the anti aging industry. Every year there are dozens of new groundbreaking studies and papers that come out, I could devote myself fully to just meta-analyzing new science and communicating it to you with personality and whit. I would need to set up a Patreon or subscription service to fund my journalism.
4) Local Biohacker Community — I could focus on building more atomized local communities of like minded Biohackers. Although, what I leaned this year is that I really need to be hand on with organization of events and I really need to actually be there on the ground. One business model that seems to really work in the personal development is bootcamps; were the guru flies into a city and does very intensive courses or training which are several thousand dollars per person.
5) Politics — Some of you are aware that this year I dabbled in politics, which was surprisingly fun, fruitful and seductive in it’s own way. I understand a little more now why people sell their souls to the devil to advance in this world.
I’m considering organizing political action to protect the future of the Biohacking/antiaging industry which I believe really is the future of humanity itself.
6) Tantric Lifestyle — This very personal technology is something I’m really fascinated by right now! As I discussed in my recent videos, about a decade after being bewitched by the 11th Chapter of Think and Grow Rich; I’ve finally figured out sex transmutation and I’m eager to share it.
However, I don’t want to bore or turn off the more than 1/3 my audience, which is female.
I don’t know how sex transmutation would work for women; I’ve read these books on Taoism that have some cool theories but they are almost all in domain of metaphysics, I haven’t come across a lot of pragmatic practices for women like I have for men.
7) Social Dynamics — I would be a sad, lonely man if it weren’t for my extensive social dynamics education. I feel the obligation to pay it forward, but I don’t know if this is really what my audience wants to learn about.
8) Writing a Book
Fiction — I actually wrote the first 10 chapters of a red pill science fiction novel about Biohacking and transhumanism. Writing fiction might not sound time like hard work; but I want to write really good fiction that would actually be worth reading and that is a lot of work!
None-fiction — Recently I shut down my travel/lifestyle blog website were I talked about my experiences and adventures as a nomadic seducer living around Europe and Latin America these past 5 years. This blog just never become profitable enough to justify the reputational liability of the very PG-13 content I was publishing there for everyone to judge.
I’ve thought about repurposing it into a none fiction guide with all the unconventional lifehacks and strategies I’ve used to maximize experience and hedonism illustrated with a bunch of crazy stories from my time living in Colombia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Panama, Spain and Berlin. So it would kind of be like
I hope they serve beer in hell
Ralph Pot’s Vegabonding
The 4 Hour Body

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