The distinguishing characteristic of Cerebrolysin is that you inject it (intramuscularly as opposed to intravenously, which should make you feel like less of a junky). It can increase your Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor by as much as 600%.

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This is a peptide based Nootropic with an impressive 165 human studies referenceable on Pubmed, over 30 human clinical trials have been done with Cerebrolysin in the past 10 years alone which is an appreciable amount of research. Piracetam has approximately the same amount of recent human trials. It is now hard to believe, but Cerebrolysin — perhaps the most efficient peptide nootropic — was developed when the scientific community had a very limited understanding of how the central nervous system works.

The drug was created in 1949 by Gerhart Harrer, an Austrian Professor, and approved on August 1st, 1954. After many success stories, extensive research and discovery of neurotrophic regulation, it’s popularity has increased drastically and now it can officially be used as a treatment for various cerebral disorders in 44 countries, mostly in Europe and Asia.

Cerebrolysin® is a neurometabolic stimulator based on neuropeptides (20%) and amino acids (80%) isolated from pig brain tissue. Unlike the majority of peptide drugs,Cerebrolysin has all the amino acids which compose the central nervous system; this can explain many additional positive properties of Cerebrolysin.

Cerebrolysin has been proven to be efficient when used for:

Like Semax, this supplement is on the Russian List of Vital & Essential Drugs.

Mechanism of Action: Cerebrolysin promotes

It does cross the blood brain barrier.

Country of Manufacture: Austria

Usage: Watch this video tutorial on how to inject Cerebrolysin.


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For Biohackers: Around the internet you can find numerous reports from younger, otherwise healthy Biohackers who used Cerebrolysin as a performance enhancing smart drug. This contrasts with the vast majority of the studies which were done with elderly patients suffering from cognitive decline. Anti-aging drugs typically have a performance enhancing effect when taken by healthy people and in the case of Cerebrolysin you can find veteran Biohackers praising it as a quiet effective smart drug. However, there’s also some fairly well reasoned objections to otherwise healthy people using it. So I would NOT categorize Cerebrolysin as a low risk Biohack that everybody or anybody should use. It’s specific purpose is to treat diseases of cognitive decline/ I would not recommend it to new Biohackers or those who are just looking for a study drug.

You may also want to read the original 84-pages Cerebrolysin Monograph from EverNeuro Pharma, where you can find a lot of information.

Cofactors: The best recent clinical trial published found that, at least for Alzheimer’s patients, it increased BDNF by 300% in 16 weeks (which is pretty good) but if combined with another drug, Donepezil, it increases BDNF by 600% and those gains are sustained for between weeks and months after going off the treatment. That’s a pretty impressive Biohack.

Cerebrolysin can be combined with another anti-aging Nootropic Cortexin, which you can find at NootropicSpot.com.

Side Effects: Intranasal dosing is not a good idea, the worst case of undesirable side effects was from intranasal dosing. Intranasal dosing is not recommended by the manufacturer.

When to Expect Results: The studies indicate that it’s not an instant satisfaction Biohack, it takes between days and weeks for the Neurotrophic effect to really start working. Although, some of the ancedotal accounts report more rapid onset effects.

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