What is your Biohacking “Why”?

I’m super excited to have you as part of the Limitless Mindset community! A few important things…

This email is a little LONG (sorry!) and so is the next one because I want to share my most useful resources with you right up front — you’re going to want to read this email in full as opposed to just skimming it.

The majority of the emails I send you are going to be short and to the point. A lot of them are just links to resources, videos, or downloads. I emphasize the brevity of these communications going forward because I realize you don’t have the time to read long-winded emails. I hope you’ll return the favor when you email me.

LimitlessMindset.com has +500 pages of information demystifying Lifehacking, Biohacking and Smart Drugs — it’s kind of an overwhelming amount of information — I really don’t want to waste your time so I want to direct you right away to the information that’s most relevant to your goals or challenges so please take just a second to respond to this survey…

Survey: What is your Biohacking Why?

Click one of these answers

1. Improve my ability to study and learn new skills.
2. I’m stuck! I lack motivation, energy or capacity to get ahead in life.
3. Performance enhancement to advance my career to the next level.
4. Sexual hedonism; I want a crazy dating and sex life.
5. I’m just a pharmacological adventurer, man!
6. I feel like I’ve lost my edge cognitively from when I was younger.
7. I’m facing the specter of a chronic disease or cognitive decline. I don’t want to lose my mind!
8. Health freedom to empower my individual sovereignty.
9. I’m a Transhumanist. I don’t want to die.
10. Prevention. I want to avoid cancer and disease.

If multiple answers apply for you click one and then just respond directly to this email with all the others that apply.

Infographics & Flowcharts

If you appreciate information broken down visually you’re going to want to take a gander at these infographics and flowcharts that I’ve designed and organized

More cool biohacking infographics can be viewed here.


You may not know that I’ve produced several in-depth documentaries on interesting topics like…

  • The Insidious Problem of Bad Science
  • The Mandela Effect Demystified: The Malevolent Conspiracy that Explains it…
  • The Journey from No Fap to Tantra | Documentary for men
  • #Lifehacking Self Control: a Masterclass on Discipline for Your New Year’s Resolutions
  • The Social Anxiety Protocol for Biohacking Confidence

You can find these (except for the last one) in this playlist, I suggest you bookmark or save the playlist, I think you’ll find that they really satiate your intellectual curiosity!

Biohacking content TOO EDGY for Youtube

You’ve probably caught my videos about Nootropics and biohacking on Youtube. Unfortunately, the Limitless Mindset channel with its 15,000 subscribers was recently terminated by Youtube without warning or cogent explanation.

Silicon Valley has built some amazingly convenient software and apps, so convenient that in the case of social media it can be extremely addictive, but all the convenience comes at a high cost our freedom of speech. Silicon Valley is engaged in a modern-day digital book burning of content and communities that spread knowledge that can empower our health. I urge you to get outside of their information suppression platforms and venture back out onto into the wild wild west of the world wide web.

Some of my videos that Youtube has censored:

  • Caballo ‘Bond Villain’ Theatrical Trailer (Subliminal Ad)
  • The Caballo Story… [+Smart Drug Packages Explained]
  • The Red Pill Formula for Biohacking Cognitive Capital
  • The Bad News about Caballo (and Nootropics): Workaholism, Smart Drug Addiction, and ROI?
  • The Nootropic BANNED by IndieGoGo!
  • The Social Anxiety Protocol for Biohacking Confidence
  • Withstand Kratom Withdrawal: Potentiating the Positive & Mitigating the Negative Effects of Kratom
  • Kratom Users Don’t Deserve Freedom…
  • Kratom: an Opioid based None-Nootropic Performance Enhancer with a Dark Side…
  • Modafinil Review: 5 Darksides of Modafinil & Why a Quarter of Biohackers Dislike It
  • Modafinil: The Military Grade Smart Drug and Why it Made Me Hallucinate…
  • My favorite Modafinil cofactor…
  • Is Modafinil a real life cheat code?
  • The WORST tasting smart drug… (Adrafinil vs Modafinil Review)
  • Tianeptine a Paradox to the Current Paradigm of Depression
  • Smart Drugs are NOT for Human Consumption?
  • Semax Biohacker Review — The Caviar of Russian Nootropics
  • Sulbutiamine Review: One of my least favorite white powders
  • Does Piracetam worsen your vocabulary?

You can find them on Bitchute, a pro-free speech Youtube alternative.

The Best Nootropics

A question I get A LOT is…

Well, that’s a tough question to answer and it really depends upon your individual neurobiology BUT here’s my short list of Nootropics that I recommend along with credible sources that you can order from

Best smart drug: Piracetam
The very safe and affordable original smart drug which has been demonstrated in +600 human studies to enhance long term memory, verbal intelligence and cognition.
Learn More/Order

Best discipline promoter: Oxiracetam
A none-stimulatory Nootropic that notably enhances will power for 4–6 hours
Learn More/Order

Best focus and wakefulness promoter: Modafinil
A hardcore vigilance agent used by militaries and Air Forces.
Learn More/Order

Best creativity promoter: Nicotine
Powerfully stimulates the default network of the mind, your unconscious creative capacity. Unlike Ayn Rand, Tolstoy or Mark Twain I don’t smoke, I consume pharmaceutical grade Nicotine directly.
Learn More/Order

Best positive mood promoter: Rhodiola Rosea
A powerful Adaptogenic nutraceutical herb that modulates your autonomic nervous system for peak performance.
Learn More/Order

Best libido and testosterone promoter: Horny Goat Weed
This funnily named herb is a gamechanger for maximizing sexual hedonism and imbuing healthy masculine aggression and zest for life.
Learn More/Order

Best stress and anxiety reliever: Ashwagandha
A tranquilizing yet none-addictive natural Indian herb that dissolves stress and enables great sleep.
Learn More/Order

Best Nootropic Stack: Neuro-Stack
I’ve tried A LOT of these Nootropic multivitamin formulation products and this one is my current favorite. A precisely engineered cocktail of high-quality ingredients for focus, cognition, mood, and memory.
Learn More/Order

The Limitless Mindset Secret Society

If you invest >$100 in your biohacking with our vetted vendors of biohacking products and antiaging supplements you’re eligible to join our private community. Don’t worry there’s no funny hats, weird initiation rituals, blood pacts, late-night meetings, or schemes for world domination… Yet!

My Book: A Mémoire and Lifehacking Manifesto

For the longest time, people have been telling me to write a book. I’ve had a pretty interesting life; I’ve seduced a politician’s daughter in Medellin, Colombia, I hung out with spies in Kiev, Ukraine. I’ve almost died underwater twice, I participated in a bank robbery and I lost my virginity to a spy (yes, really!) I’m a pretty good storyteller so I think a memoir is the right format for me to write a book as opposed to the problem+generalization+platitude+strategy formula that most personal development books follow.

If you don’t have the time to read the 500 articles on my website or watch the hundreds of videos on my Bitchute channel, just read this book as I refine my best stuff in it. If your interest is piqued I’d encourage you to give these sample chapters a read…

  • Lifehacking Your Looks
  • The Secret Lives of Alpha Males
  • Sex and Dating Hacks for Him and Her

Download and read them as an ebook on your Kindle or tablet.

Biohacking Smart and Safe

I’m a major advocate of safe and conservative use of supplements and Biohacking technologies. In this article, I’ll outline my guidelines for safety in your Biohacking.

Lifehacking Tools:

Coach.me App

A seriously addictive habit formation App and social accountability tool. So it leverages your digital narcissism to train you winning habits with scary consistency. I’ve used it too…

  • Master a second language
  • Learn to salsa dance
  • Overcome my approach anxiety
  • Write daily
  • Practice a daily meditation practice
  • Stay sober while practicing ethical hedonism
  • Brain training daily for OVER a hundred days straight

Yes. It’s free (and ad-free). It synchronizes beautifully between your Android, iPhone and web browser. This is hands down my most useful lifehacking tool, it’s one of the few pieces of technology that actually makes me MORE productive, consistently. It takes about 30 seconds to Download it.

Dual N-Back Pro

This software brain training game upgrades the RAM of your conscious mind by exercising your working memory.

  • It’s the one brain game that is demonstrated to have transfer effects to general intelligence outside of the brain game.
  • It improves attentional control noticeably, in fact, it requires persistent laser-focused attention.
  • It makes you a robust gangster at life (as I like to say), in more scientific terms it reduces emotional reactivity, especially from negative emotions.
  • It’s a neuroplasticity hack that improves the density of grey matter within 20 days of training.
  • This is quantified in a 10–15 point gain in IQ that is consistent amongst long term practitioners.

There’s a free version of it that you can download and use now on your smartphone but the very affordable paid version is well worth it, especially because of the sunk cost motivational mechanism.


This is an app that I use every day, it plays really cool algorithmic music optimized to improve focus and creativity.

  • I use this every day when I’m doing my writing and often while tackling a demanding web development task.
  • Brain.FM plays music in 30-minute, 1-hour or 2-hour increments and has a count-down timer. This is great for time boxing crucial tasks that need to get done.
  • If I have some crucial digital task I put on Brain.FM on in the background and for 30 minutes I’m NOT allowed to click on anything distracting or check notifications.
  • It has a nearly instantaneous effect, after listening for 10–15 minutes you’ll find yourself in a productive state of focused relaxed-arousal.
  • I’m embarrassed to admit that sometimes there will be some task that I’m procrastinating doing but often when I put on Brain.FM I’ll knock the task out in like 15 minutes!

There’s a number of places on the Internet where you can find free-focus promoting algorithmic music tracks but I paid full price for a lifetime Brain.FM membership because I knew that if I paid good money for it I would actually use it and the 1–2 hours of deep thought and true productivity that I get daily thanks to Brain.FM makes it one of the best software investments I’ve ever made!

Podcast: Introducing Myself, My Story and My Values

In this podcast, I’d like to introduce myself. It may seem ridiculously self-aggrandizing and narcissistic to devote a 2-hour podcast to just talking all about myself but I’ve had a lot of people tell me that I’ve got a fascinating story and that they really enjoyed it. I’ll suggest that you just subscribe to my podcast feed on the CastBox app and listen on your smartphone. I’ve searched far and wide for the very best podcast app and this is it!

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Unfortunately, Facebook has this policy of more or less extorting us by hiding the content I post on Facebook from you unless I pay Facebook to boost the post. Which I actually don’t mind doing; it’s not that expensive but Facebook banned me from doing so because of my industry and my edgy content about drugs, sex, and Biohacking…


Again, I’m sorry about the length of this email, I just wanted to provide you my best resources upfront and try to answer the common questions you might have. Don’t worry if you ever lose this email, you can just access all these resources by just logging in with your email at the very bottom of any page of LimitlessMindset.com.

The Next Email: Will concisely explain what biohacking is with infographics and how to get results from it FAST. It will also feature a download the best biohacking App for improving your memory.

Future Emails:

  • A Pavlovian biohack for instant peak state confidence that was developed by one of the most infamous salespeople of the ’90s, he made $50 million annually and ended up in (you guessed it!) jail.
  • TWO, 7-minute solutions to one of the most common problems people have that robs them of productivity.
  • How to be charming in a language you barely speak
  • Reviews of the most expensive smart drugs on the market.
  • Lifehacking the print, sign, and scan debacle.
  • A software algorithm hacks your skill forgetting mechanism.
  • The biology of self-control; includes interviews with two doctors.
  • The one thing great communicators NEVER say
  • Influence Technique: Conversational-Emotional Arbitrage.
  • The bad news about Smart Drugs… And how to get Nootropics for free.
  • 2 Infographics & 4 Videos on my coolest lifehack (Hint: it has to do with Inception).

Your friendly internet smart drug dealer,

Jonathan Roseland

P.S Yes! Limitless Mindset is loosely inspired by the 2011 movie Limitless. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend watching it. It’s a seriously entertaining and inspirational movie. Check out its trailer here.

Adventuring philosopher, Pompous pontificator, Writer, K-Selected Biohacker, Tantric husband, Raconteur & Smart Drug Dealer 🇺🇸

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