What people are saying about my book…

This year I did something that people have been telling me I should do for a long time, release a book. It’s a bit of a genre hybrid; it’s a biohacking and mindset deep dive and memoir of a bunch of crazy experiences I’ve had in the past ten years across three continents.

Order the book on Amazon or from LimitlessMindset.com (hint: it’s a dollar cheaper here!)

I made some mistakes with the book…

  • The title is not great. Nobody wants to be cross eyed and the book is highly relevant to anyone interested in serious personal growth. It’s not an SEO friendly title. But I won’t be changing it or relaunching it for marketing purposes, I think it captures my personality and memoirs often have quirky titles.
  • While the book is a result of a ton of research, the better part of a decade researching biohacking and human performance studies, it’s kind of raw in terms of the editorial process. I could have done a better job with formatting and grammar checking.

But the response from my readers has been that it’s a highly entertaining and educational read. That the storytelling and lifehacking tactics make it well worth the little bit of lack of the polish.

If your interested in an interesting life story and/or biohacking this is a great read

“Johnathan is a young guy who has had a wider than usual range of experiences the stories of which he recounts in a very interesting and engaging manner but more than that he is a leader in the biohacking and self improvement space and this book is full of useful/actionable information and the results of his self experimentation. I bought this book then sat on it for weeks so I could read it on my holiday and I thoroughly enjoyed it, a real page turner it kept me engaged and scribbling notes all the way through.”

If you are in for affect get this book.

I have to be upfront that this book has tons of typos, run-on sentences, and will not please the grammar sensitive. Many chapters are word for word posts from the Jonathan’s blog, Limitless Mindset, augmented into the larger chapters. In many places this means repeating topics already covered, and other nuances of reading a string of blog posts rather than a book.

Depite all that, it’s really good. I’ve followed Jonathan through his blog for several years now, backed and use his nootropic Caballo (good stuff), and got my copy of this book via the crowdfunding campaign that launched it.

Don’t think this book is just his blog condensed. The book has a lot of content you will NOT find on the blog -content I really enjoyed. It also provides a much more cohesive view of biohacking, pickup and relationships ( a lot of that, in pretty graphic detail ) than you get from exhausting his blog.

Jonathan’s stories and mindset he promotes have had a profound effect on me becoming a better version of myself. This book has to be the most pleasurable self-improvement read I’ve had in a long time.

If you are in for affect get this book. If you get caught up on delivery don’t get it.

I discussed the book at length in this podcast with a very thoughtful fellow biohacker Steve Cronin.

You can order the book here on Amazon or from my website LimitlessMindset.com (hint: it’s a dollar cheaper here!)

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