What (really) is pseudoscience?

You probably hear the word pseudoscience bandied about quiet a lot.
You also hear it’s cousin pseudointellectual being used.
A whole lot less frequently you may hear the word I like even more than these two, sophistry.
And I’m sure you’re already sick of hearing the buzzphrase Fake News, which is definitionally quiet synonymous with pseudointellectualism.

Accusations of pseudoscience or pseudointellectualism almost always are a component part of some political or ideological narrative. Next family reunion bring up a scientific subject and it won’t be long before it devolves into an ideological or political stand off over the plates of foods.
Whether effective or ineffective, accusing the other side of psuedo-veracity is one of the most commonly used debate tactics.

How exactly would you know the difference between actual science and pseudoscience?

Actually it’s quiet simple if we look at the definition of pseudoscience
Pseudoscience purports to be an accurate description of physical law despite either 1) consistently failing experimental verification or 2) being unfalsifiable.

I think that second part of the definition is most interesting. Pseudoscience or Pseudointellectual movements are fundamentally unfalsifiable.

They make assertions about the life, society or the world that cannot be disproven.

What are some examples?
If I say…
There are exactly 2.4 million rabbits in France at this moment.
…can you disprove it?

Can you disprove that there is NOT an invisible dancing penguin in the sky named Pete who gets very sad if you have sex with the wrong person?
Not really.

Ok those examples are pretty silly. What are some more practical ones?

I can’t really disprove that god created the universe 10,000 years ago because god in his infinite power would have the ability to create a universe instantaneously that appeared to be 13 billion years old.
So creationism or intelligent design is Pseudoscience.

As was postulated in a hilariously stupid “scientific” paper published in the journal Cogent Social Sciences…
Can I disprove that I, as a male, am NOT causing climate change by raping the empty space around me?
It’s so absurd that really I can’t disprove it.
So social science is, let’s be honest (mostly), Pseudoscience.

Can you disprove that redistributing the wealth of the top 1% of humanity to the rest of the world would create global utopia?
Well, even though it’s been downright disastrous almost every time it’s been attempted on a smaller scale, it’s never been attempted on a global scale. So you can’t really disprove it.
Thus the economists and professors that advocate for Globalist Utopian Socialism (or UBI) are Psuedointellectuals.

So next time you find yourself in the middle of a debate on an ostensibly scientific subject or you read in a magazine that some new groundbreaking study discovered something totally counterintuitive.
Just ask how what they are saying could be disproven…
If disproving it would be extraordinarily difficult or impossible then it’s unfalsifiable. It’s really NOT a scientific or intellectual position, it’s just a preference.

That’s just one methodology for thinking critically about science. In this exhaustive article I describe many more lifehacks for seeing through the propaganda and marketing that so effectively sometimes masquerades as science.

Biohacking the American Mindset

Last week was the 4th of July, which is the American Independence Day.
You guys may know that I’ve lived all around the world for about 6 years but I’m an American from Denver, Colorado and I try to be rationally patriotic.

A lot of you guys are Americans but even those of you who are not surely understand that my country has had a unique impact on world history because of our unique mindset. Lots of countries are ambitious and interested in technological innovation.

Are there some special qualities to the mindset that got us (literally) to the moon and back? I think so, and as Biohackers there is a lot of tools we can use a shortcut to this mindset.
Focus — Try listening to Brain.FM, it’s one of the best lifehacks for focus I’ve found.
DisciplineOxiracetam is a subtle smart drug which imbues an enhanced degree of self control for 4–7 hours.
OptimismAdaptogenic herbs taken as a tea stimulates a positive productive mood in a way that is unequaled by self help books or feel good memes.
Checkout this article (and podcast) I did about John D. Rockefeller, for more of these kinds of mindset lifehacks…
8 Life Hacking Lessons from the Richest Man. Ever.

Updated Article
41 Red Flags of Bad Science
The authors of The conceptual penis paid $625, they published under fake names as part of a fake social research group, which Cogent Social Sciences did not catch. So for $625, approximately the same amount you would have to pay to score some cocaine, get drunk on champaign and bang a hooker in a chintzy hotel room in Vegas, anyone’s totally nonsensical opinions can be transformed into “science”.

New Videos
The Mandela Effect — Playlist
This has got to be one of the most compelling and unsettling new conspiracy theories that has emerged in the past year. It goes like this… Large groups of the population distinctly remember certain cultural memes one way, yet a simple Google search will show they are totally different. Significant proportions of the population have false memories about mainstream cultural memes.

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