Where Aeternity is Accepted Locally and Globally

AE is the token powering the European smart contract and æpps platform æternity. Being fast and cheap to transact with, it’s accepted by businesses from a Bulgarian pay-per-click advertising consultant to an Illinois-based business attorney.

Who Accepts Aeternity…

Are you an Entrepreneur, freelancer, or manager of a business accepting cryptocurrency?

Should you buy Aeternity?

Sure, if you want to take a chance on an underdog smart contract platform under solid management. It’s headed by a large public team based in Liechtenstein, headed by Yanislav Malahov, “the godfather of Ethereum” — a key player in the inception of the original smart contract blockchain. As a competitive advantage, it offers off-chain smart contracts via oracles which allows blockchain technology to connect to non-blockchain databases. In the event of smart contract disagreements, it has the ability to act as a self-arbitrating “crypto court” — which just sounds cool! Its æpps power cool things like a marketplace for space satellite data, a ticketing platform, and even a blockchain-based roleplaying game. We know that smart contract/decentralized app platforms are going solve many of the business world’s technology problems, you might want to have some eggs in the Aeternity basket.

Its potential use cases include supply-chain management, asset management, corporate auditing, prediction markets (will space aliens attack New York in 2024?), and national voting systems but of course, these are the utility applications that other smart contract projects are maneuvering to serve and Aeternity is facing serious competition. Its price has languished below 5 cents for the past year while other decentralized app projects were validated by the market, it’s unclear whether Aeternity will distinguish itself in this crowded space.


æternity blockchain is an Erlang-based scalable smart contract platform engineered by programming pioneers to address some of the most fundamental challenges native to earlier blockchains.

From aeternity.com

The æternity blockchain is an open source development platform for advanced blockchain applications that can be used by millions of users. It offers native support for many commonly used blockchain features: state channels, naming system, oracles, as well as a secure, functional and highly efficient smart contract language (Sophia) and virtual machine (FATE).
In this white paper we explain the above mentioned concepts of the æternity blockchain and highlight the design decisions. The paper provides a high-level overview of the current state of the technology, implemented in Erlang. Further, an outlook into the future is provided and differences to the 2017 æternity blockchain are pointed out. For more specific implementation details we refer to the æternity protocol description and the open source code fully available on GitHub.

From the Aeternity whitepaper

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