Where Centric’s Tokens are Accepted Locally and Globally

Who accepts Centric…

Where Centric (CNS) is Accepted Locally and Globally — on MarketplaceGOLD

Should you buy CNS?

Or accept it as payment at your business? If you’re the betting type, who likes to speculate on new blockchain projects, sure! Centric has a novel dual-token ecosystem; Centric Rise (CNR) is the flagship coin that is mathematically programmed to increase in value (the Centric Foundation burns CNR every hour), but it can be acquired ONLY by being swapped with CNS.

  • The website domain they use, Centric.com, could NOT have been cheap, which suggests that the Centric team is very serious about this project.
  • CNS is listed on CoinMarketCap although its market cap is quite low.


Founded in 2020, Centric is a newer crypto project that’s yet to prove itself. CNR is quite new as a token, it’s yet to prove that it will rise perpetually as their whitepaper suggests.

About Centric

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