Where Decred is Accepted Locally and Globally

Jonathan Roseland
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This a very community-focused hybrid proof-of-work/proof-of-stake coin. It’s a crypto purist’s coin being very decentralized by design. DCR has largely copied what works, it shares many of Bitcoin’s attributes.

Its security and low fees make it attractive as a commerce coin. It’s accepted by +300 businesses, from LA interior designers to Swedish Reindeer Jerky sellers.

Who Accepts Decred…

Should you buy Decred?

Their innovative governance model is often praised and has proven itself over the history of the project — they’ve avoided contentious and dramatic forking of the coin. It’s differentiated itself from the crowd of Bitcoin-copycat coins, reaching a token price over $200. And they have espoused free speech as a guiding value, which I love. Why not pick some up…

The criticism to be made of Decred is that it’s playing in a very busy space, as commerce and store-of-value coin, it’s questionable whether adoption and demand of the coin will multiply.

Are you an Entrepreneur, freelancer, or manager of a business accepting cryptocurrency?


Distributed timestamping protocols were first applied to decentralizing a financial network in the ground-breaking paper on Bitcoin by Nakamoto1. The field has seen explosive research follow-up from both amateurs and professionals, competing to offer extensions, adjustments, improvements, and refinements of the existing protocol. Notable implementations of new ideas include Ethereum2, which extended scripting, CryptoNote3, which refined privacy, and Sidechains4, which investigated two-way pegs with 1:1 Bitcoin tokens. These protocols all utilize proof-of-work (PoW) as originally described in the Bitcoin whitepaper.

From the Decred documentation overview

Decred continuously funds its treasury with 10% of each block reward and employs a flexible contractor model that allows contributors to receive compensation for their work. This makes Decred a sustainable and self-funded Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

From decred.org

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