Where FUN token is Accepted Locally and Globally

Jonathan Roseland
3 min readSep 4, 2021

FUN is a digital casino token that is “bringing the blockchain to gaming.” Of course, it’s accepted and used in online casinos, but some real-world businesses also accept it, like a surf ranch resort in scenic San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

Who accepts FUN…

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Should you buy FUN?

The token is used in peer-to-peer sports betting and social gaming. It’s the realization of a long-predicted blockchain use case, making the gaming arena a bit more fair and transparent. Expect online gambling and gaming to just become more popular. But, it’s unclear whether the FUN token holders will cash in on this; in the years since its 2017 ICO, it’s failed to grow in value and sustain it…


They claim that they aim to make gaming and gambling “fair” for the player, I’m skeptical of this because casinos are only in business because “the game is rigged.” Will the +$50 billion online gambling industry really be interested in embracing blockchain technology that will make them play fair? Or will the FUN compromise on their commitment to fairness, as their recent rebranding away from FunFair might suggest?

I have to admit that I hate FUN token because I have bottomless ire for both the exploitative online gambling industry and the timewasting (and often scammy) gaming industry. I’ve included the crypto here on MarketplaceGOLD so that I can urge you to not waste your time and money gambling and gaming online and because its blockchain technology could make online casinos a little less exploitative. If you indulge in the vice of gambling or gaming much at all you’ll end up a lonely, broke, loser. The founder of FUN has appeared in several interviews and he’s an old, boring, fat guy who really doesn’t look like much fun.

About FUN

One of the biggest problems facing the online gambling industry is the lack of transparency and accountability that comes with fiat currency. Unfair gaming protocols are commonplace in this vast space, notwithstanding the regulatory barriers that hinder traditional online casinos. Blockchain and crypto get rid of these issues entirely. A decentralized, distributed, transparent platform protected by cryptography is the perfect foil for the unreliable nature of the online gambling industry. And this is where FUN earns its coin.FUN can be used as the default method of payment. Deposits, withdrawals are quick, inexpensive, and trackable. Online casinos can offer their customers games that can be played with FUN.

From funfair.io

We are FunFair and we’re revolutionizing the gaming industry by harnessing the power of the blockchain in the online gaming market. We know why blockchain gaming has failed to reached a mass audience and this whitepaper will give you an overview of how we are delivering solutions which ensure that the future of online casino gaming is fun, fast and fair

From the executive summary of the FunFair whitepaper

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