Where Groestlcoin is Accepted Locally and Globally

This oddly named crypto is a quintessential commerce coin with its lightning network for fast transactions and “sub-atomic” fees. They have an SMS payment system, for data-less crypto transactions on smartphones. Over 200 businesses accept it, from Estonian postage service to organic Canadian cosmetics.

Who Accepts Groestlcoin

Are you an Entrepreneur, freelancer, or manager of a business accepting cryptocurrency?

Should you buy Groestlcoin?

It’s a “people’s coin” that crypto purists should appreciate. Its price has done well in the 2021 bull run, but the main reason I can see to buy GRS would be ideological and to root for an underdog; there are better options out there for privacy, hedge-against-inflation, and to-the-moon cryptos. But, it’s relatively cheap with its price around a dollar, why not pick some up and support the mission…

There’s no roadmap, but they do promise development updates every 3 months. The development team is pseudo-anonymous — you can’t really stalk them on social media — which is pretty typical of privacy coins, not necessarily a red flag. Groestlcoin is a relatively aged and wizened coin, if it were an exit scam it would have collapsed by now. It might be a better speculative buy if they were doing more to actively market the coin but they haven’t even put out a Youtube video on their channel within the last year!


It’s ASIC-resistant and engineered for decentralization so the real opportunity with GRS might be in mining it. It exhibits “No Red Flags” according to IsThisCoinAScam.com’s helpful analysis.

Groestlcoin is a blockchain pioneer due to it being the first coin that activated SEGWIT (January 2017) and TAPROOT Enabling Lightning Network, Groestlcoin gets almost ZERO fee transactions, instant payments, scalability and Atomic Swaps. The fee for transferring 10,000 GRS will be 0.000045 GRS.

From groestlcoin.org

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