Where MarsCoin is Accepted Locally and Globally

This meme coin is serious about the grand mission of the human colonization of the red planet. Fittingly, here on Earth, The Mars Society accepts donations in the crypto and it’s accepted by a handful of businesses, from a VPN company based in Dominica to a California-based artist offering some crypto-inspired wall art (that you really must take a gander at!)

Who accepts MarsCoin…

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Should you buy MarsCoin?

MarsCoin might seem like a silly meme coin, but there’s actually a huge and very motivated global community of people interested in the epic mission of colonizing Mars. Unfortunately, since 2014 MarsCoin has not done a very good job of courting this community’s interest, the coin’s price has languished below 1 cent for most of its history and it’s not actively traded. But, don’t write off MarsCoin as a dead coin quite yet, they have collaborated with The Mars Society, hosted a virtual expo event in 2021, and you can actually buy it in person at over 700 cryptocurrency ATMs. With meme coins going “to the moon” in this decade, MarsCoin might just make one giant leap for coinkind

I include it here because I’m a sucker for space exploration schemes, about 10 years ago I myself created a business plan for a digital-token-securitized ledger for extraterrestrial property rights. And with a bunch of scammy, overhyped astronomy-inspired coins out there, I appreciate the earnest romanticism of Lennart Lopin and the team behind MarsCoin, who really believe in one of the most ambitious of missions

Lennart Lopin is the founder of the Marscoin Crypto-currency and CEO of ByteFederal a Bitcoin ATM network. Mr. Lopin is an expert on the emerging field of Blockchain and its application with Mars and space. He first announced the Marscoin project at the Mars Society’s 2014 convention. His Marscoin project recently donated over one million of its units to the Mars Society in the hopes of eventually funding human Mars settlement and establishing an early Mars economy based on Blockchain.

About MarsCoin

Marscoin is a testbed for experimentation with technologies that might help early colonists on Mars build governance, voting, inventory tracking, trading and capital allocation. Simply by using and investing in Marscoin, you are contributing to a serious bootstrapping effort to further a settlement on Mars.

From marscoin.org

It stands to reason that early settlers on Mars will be disinclined to fell their few precious trees and turn them into pulp to print little pieces of paper representing monetary value. We can instead expect them to utilize the breakthrough in computer networking and digital ledger technology known as “blockchains” to efficiently and transparently foster economic development, build trade among themselves and Earth, and leapfrog Earth’s financial system.


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