Where Minds Token is Accepted Locally and Globally

The Ethereum-based token powering Minds.com, the pro-free-speech, pro-privacy social network. It’s accepted as payment by freedom-minded businesses around the world, from a veteran Colorado-based web development firm and a science fiction author’s online bookstore to a health coach in Bulgaria.

Who accepts MINDS…

Should you buy the MINDS token?

Yes, for both ideological and pragmatic reasons. The social network it powers is one of the few bastions of free speech on the internet, free speech is the fundamental right upon which all other human rights stand. I’ve been hodling MINDS for years and have been pleased with the gains in my MINDS wallet value. The token has a very practical use-case; paying for advertising on Minds.com — which I have experimented with and it actually works pretty well to increase engagement with my posts, check out my #IntroducingMyself post on Minds.com. Free speech is not free, if you want to preserve it, support projects like Minds…

Minds token is far from being a leading coin by CoinMarketCap ranking, but it’s the token powering one of the most popular “alt-tech” social networks. With the unprecedented exodus from centralized authoritarian “big tech” social media platforms expect the Minds token to rise with the popularity of this well-managed, alternative social network.

About Minds

Here I break down…

The fuel of the Minds network Buy tokens to support Minds and your favorite channels. Unlock premium features and launch advertising campaigns to expand your reach.

An ERC-20 token harnessing the Ethereum blockchain to give you full control over your crypto.

From minds.com

In the Minds contribution economy, users and developers will be rewarded for a variety of contributions to the network including generating high quality content, account setup and verification, referring new users, maintaining an active channel, finding bugs, successfully submitting code and more. Tokenized rewards provide the key incentive to help foster the growth and long-term sustainability of the network.
Minds tokens will be immediately usable upon receipt on day one. They will be required for use of the application through immediate integration into Boost, a transparent and blockchain-based ad network, and Wire, the Minds peer-to-peer payment system. Both Boost and Wire will leverage smart contracts to enable the autonomous exchange of digital media and services for crypto-tokens, creating a radical shift in how social networking ecosystems and marketplaces operate in the 21st century.

From the abstract of Minds whitepaper

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