Where Nano is Accepted Locally and Globally

From a corporate attorney in Illinois to a French scented candle maker

Jonathan Roseland
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This is one of the few cryptos that provide free transactions, making it an outstanding medium-of-exchange coin (especially with its 1-second transaction times). It’s accepted as payment by businesses around the world, from a corporate attorney in Illinois to a French scented candle maker.

Who Accepts NANO…

Are you an Entrepreneur, freelancer, or manager of a business accepting cryptocurrency?

Should you buy NANO?

If you’re an ideological crypto purist, yes! It’s a community-focused coin with an army behind it online. Remarkably the decentralized nodes that validate the blockchain don’t get paid, these people devote their computing power just because they just really believe in the NANO mission. You might think that a people’s coin like this would have lackluster technology behind it, but it measures up here too with its super fast and scalable Open Representative Voting mechanism that makes it environmentally friendly. Some days, the NANO blockchain processes more transactions than Bitcoin’s. The team behind the coin is public, admirably they didn’t do a cash-grab ICO instead rewarding community members with an initial distribution of coins — which makes NANO’s top 100 market cap ranking all the more impressive. Nano is often described as, “Bitcoin if it were fast, free, a green-friendly” — why not pick some up?

Not being a hyper-capitalistic coin, they haven’t been really aggressive in marketing, instead relying on organic growth by building community. It’s uncertain whether NANO will distinguish itself in this very crowded space of fast commerce coins with low fees.


Since the implementation of Bitcoin in 2009, there has been a growing shift away from traditional, government-backed currencies and financial systems towards modern payments systems based on cryptography, which offer the ability to store and transfer funds in a trustless and secure manner 1. In order to function effectively, a currency must be easily transferable, non-reversible, and have limited or no fees. The increased transaction times, large fees, and questionable network scalability have raised questions about the practicality of Bitcoin as an everyday currency.

From the introduction of the Nano whitepaper

Nano is fee-less, making it practical and inclusive for everyone in the world.

Nano makes money efficient for a more equal world — simple to pay with, easy to accept and open to all

From nano.org

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