Where Socios.com’s Chiliz (CHZ) token is accepted

The token of the Socios sports fan engagement realm; powering everything from NFTs to the democratization of sports club management. The token is accepted as payment by +190 businesses (many who have nothing to do with sports) around the world from Whiskermen in Ohio offering hand-crafted men’s grooming products to a marketing firm in Turkey.

Who accepts CHZ…

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Should you buy CHZ?

Or accept it as payment at your business and hold it as an investment? It’s supported by the cryptocurrency payment processors NowPayments and CoinGate, so sports fans can conveniently use their CHZ tokens as commerce coins at your businesses. Would you want to hodl CHZ? Not unless you understand and want to get involved with the sports engagement platform behind it, Socios.

Imagine that a football team or club (for Europeans) was going to launch its own crypto token. I’m from Colorado and our much-loved team is the Denver Broncos, so let’s say they were going to launch the BronCoin token; the more the Broncos won the more in demand the coin would be, growing in value. But that’s not all, the more tokens a fan held the more votes they could cast about team decisions; like what the design of the new team jerseys might be. Fans might rush to buy the NFT for the game-winning play. Or token holders might be entered into raffles for meet and greet events with the players they worship. The Socios platform and the Chiliz (CHZ) token enable all this!

Their partnerships are impressive; sports franchises around the world are on the socio platform, including 14 American football teams.

In 2021, CHZ 100X’ed — its price has been in decline since but it currently has a top 100 market cap ranking.

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The premise that sports teams will welcome fans to sit down at a digital decision-making table is laughable. Surely there’s more downside for owners, management, and coaches than upside in having random, beer-swilling fans casting votes about the starting line-up for the big game. I suspect that sports franchises will reward their token-holding fans by giving them the right to vote on nothing but the most inconsequential decisions. And I also expect votes to often be ignored when the democratic will of the fans conflicts with the interests of the millionaire or billionaire franchise owners. Sports franchises will remain centralized, self-serving businesses. They are not going to be turning themselves into decentralized autonomous organizations anytime soon. If you’re a sports fan considering handing your hard-earned paycheck over to Socios to fill a digital wallet with your local team’s token, I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn!

About Chiliz

In 2018 an idea was born. An idea that blockchain technology could be used to provide fans around the world with a new way to engage with their favourite sports teams and the teams with a new way to monetize their global fanbases. That idea has since grown into a successful multinational company — a crypto unicorn set to be 200-strong by the end of 2021 — that is pioneering a generational shift in the sports industry through digital assets called Fan Tokens and the Socios.com fan engagement and rewards app.

From https://www.chiliz.com/en/our-story/

Originally published on MarketplaceGOLD.com. I’m an independent researcher passionate about financial antifragility and economic philosophy, not a licensed financial adviser. This is not financial advice. Please practice skepticism and critical thinking. Affiliate links in this article support MarketplaceGOLD.



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