Where to get CREDIBLE Nootropics in Europe [2019]

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It would be an understatement to say that European Biohackers face a challenge in getting good smart drugs.

Almost weekly I will receive emails from Europeans who want to supplement their productivity, happiness or cognition by using some of the proven, safe and effective Nootropics that I have written so extensively about. Those in North America do have it easier when it comes to selection and ease of acquiring supplements.

I’ve lived here in Europe myself for over 4 years and in a word, it’s just trickier for European Biohackers.

So in this article, I’m going to compare the credible European sources that I get my Nootropics from in 2019…

RUPharma and MOSPharma

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Russia has been a powerhouse of pharmacological research and development since the fall of the Soviet Union. I checked out this vendor, RUPharma based in Moscow which offers some unique Nootropics and performance enhancers that I self-experimented with; the peptides Semax and Selank, exogenous oxytocin, and Russian Modafinil along with Visoluten, a smart peptide which is a vision hack.

What People are Saying: On their website, you can find many customer reviews and on Trustpilot.com they have +130 customer reviews with an average of a 5-star rating. That’s impressive!

Money-Back Guarantee:

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From their service guarantees:

Get 100% refund if your package gets seized by customs or is lost in transit.

Clinical Studies: This website has a nice search function where you can search for almost any given medical condition and it will show you the Russian products that might treat it. Each product page on their website has a nice description breaking down the science done on the Nootropics.

Web Presence: They have an email newsletter and a very responsive customer service department but no social media presence.

In case you’re wondering, yes you can get Russian Nootropics in the United States. One customer reported:

I have ordered from rupharma twice so far and both times the product was delivered to me very fast without problems. This last order was shipped to California in 7 days! The product is authentic and they are a pleasure to deal with. They always reply quickly to any inquiries and will not hesitate to assist you with any issues. I will definitely keep coming back and highly recommend them to anyone!

Focus Supplements

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I recommend this supplement vendor highly to European biohackers, they have higher standards for their Nootropics and antiaging health products than almost anybody else in Europe. I tried their Rhodiola Rosea, LongJack Tongkat Ali, Uridine and Resveratrol products which produced the effects that you would expect. Importantly, their products are COA verified. They shipped to me several times and I reliably received their packages.

What People are Saying: On the products’ pages of their website you can find numerous Verified Buyer reviews. They are highly rated on both Amazon.co.uk and TrustPilot.com.

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Money-Back Guarantee: 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. Items must be returned to their operation in Kettering, UK.

Clinical Studies: These guys sell mainstream, low-risk supplements. On every product page, they describe the science behind their supplements.

Web Presence: They have a Facebook page and Instagram.

Indigo Herbs

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My go-to for organic herbs in Europe. I have very high standards when it comes to adaptogenic herbs. In my experience, powdered herbs are a whole lot of a better value than capsuled herbs.

Locally I haven’t been able to find high quality powdered Rhodiola and Schisandra, two of my favorite adaptogens for energy, mood enhancement, immunity (important during the wintertime!) and libido. I did some research about European herbal vendors and decided on Indigo Herbs out of Glastonbury, UK.

Unfortunately, the only shipping option from the UK to Bulgaria where I live was Royal Mail Airmail, this shipper loses about 50% packages I’ve had shipped to me here in Sofia. I waited for about a month for them to deliver my package of Rhodiola and Schisandra and it never came so I contacted them and they shipped out another package free of charge which arrived in about 2 weeks. To my pleasant surprise about a month later I received a notification that the original package was at the post office. So I ended up getting two-for-one from Indigo Herbs.

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Money-Back Guarantee: From their Returns and Refunds page

This means you can return your purchased goods to us within 30 days of the date of delivery and cancel the sale and receive a refund.

They offer support:

If one of the following has occurred:

· your package has not arrived

· the order arrived incomplete

· you were sent the wrong items


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This website carries a wide variety of a bit edgier, more experimental Nootropics and smart drugs. Intellimeds is the place to get Racetams in Europe. I tried their Bacopa, Tianeptine, and Nefiracetam. They sell both capsuled and bulk powders so if you’ve figured out a Nootropic that works great for you and want to save some money by getting it in bulk, Intellimeds is a smart option. They accept payment in Bitcoin.

What People are Saying: On Reddit, there’s a handful of discussions of Intellimeds.They have an excellent average reviewer rating on Trustpilot.com, where they have been rated by +280 customers (that’s statistically significant!) Apparently, I’m the only Vlogger that has reviewed their products.

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Money-Back Guarantee: 7-days money-back guarantee (so you’ve got to figure out fast if you like the Nootropics!) which does require returning the products.

Clinical Studies: Thier website contains thorough descriptions of the science behind the products often with links to Pubmed. Although, some of their offerings are research chemicals which you won’t find evaluated in human clinical trials.

Web Presence: They have no social media presence. Their customer service is very responsive to inquiries submitted to info@intellimeds.net.

{module Intellimeds.net listings}


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Watch: KogniZen [Biohacker Review] 6 capsules puts me in the zone!

This Nootropic for Europeans stacks three energizing Nootropic ingredients with three anxiolytic ones. Thus this stack produces a nice state of relaxed arousal, where you are energized but your autonomic nervous system is relaxed. I used it myself for a month and found it to have the quintessential Nootropic effect desired. There are not as many great stack options for the European market, Kognizen stands out because they prove that it contains the advertised ingredients, you can find Kognizen’s COA here.

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Money-Back Guarantee: From their website: If you do not see results after taking KogniZen for 30 days, you can return your empty bottle for a full product refund. We insist the risk is on us.

What People are Saying: You can find several 5-star reviews from high performing professionals, entrepreneurs, and students in the Mind Power Marketplace.

Clinical Studies: It contains eleven Nootropic ingredients which are all demonstrated as efficacious in human clinical trials. The only “problematic” ingredient is caffeine, thus I wouldn’t recommend this to those who are very stimulant sensitive.

Web Presence: They have a nice website and an Instagram profile. The creator, Firas Abdallah has some interesting podcasts about personal development worth a listen.

Worth Mentioning…

Here in Bulgaria, where I live, I order supplements and organic food-stuffs frequently from Zoya.BG. Impressively, they consistently get my orders shipped to me the very next day.


European Biohackers may think that it’s smartest to order in bulk from American Nootropics vendors and import them. While North America does offer the highest quality Nootropics at the best value, importing supplements can get very tricky and potentially expensive accounting for VAT fees. The primary advantage of getting them from the vendors listed above is that they have supplies on the ground here in Europe. If you are in a Schengen zone or EU country, your Nootropics will be shipped right out to you. There’s no arduous waiting for the product to be shipped from a warehouse in the US or China, while it’s on a giant boat or waiting for it to clear Schengen customs.

I receive dozens of packages yearly, in my experience about a fourth of them being shipped transatlantically from the USA get lost, which sucks! Shipping from one European country to another, packages get lost a whole lot less but honestly, I don’t worry about it much because these vendors have shipping and satisfaction guarantee policies.

The Nootropics

These vendors offer an impressive selection of over 40 Nootropics, including…

Before consuming a given Nootropic I encourage you to read in full the articles and reviews that you can likely find about it on this website in the Nootropics Ingredients directory.

Certificates of Analysis (COAs)

One really important distinction that many users of Nootropics might not grasp is the importance of COA-verified products; you can find hundreds of supplements and herbal products on the shelves of local stores and online but shockingly few actually prove that their products contain the advertised ingredients.

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COAs alleviate a serious concern that informed Biohackers should have about supplements containing the advertised ingredients. With an unfortunately high proportion of the Nootropic stack products, you’ve likely seen advertised there’s little reason to believe that they actually contain the performance-enhancing ingredients that are listed on the label. No disinterested 3rd party is inspecting these products for legitimacy, you really are just trusting them. COA verified products are analyzed by a 3rd party lab, it’s not a guaranteed way of avoiding chicanery while buying Nootropics but it’s a pretty good sign!

Legal Repercussions?

Before ordering you’ll want to check on their websites which countries they ship to and which countries are problematic. Don’t hesitate to email them if you need clarification.

Does that mean there are going to be legal ramifications of trying to ship to these countries? Doubtful.
I get inquiries from time to time from citizens of various countries asking;

Can I get ____ here in ____? Is it legal?

The truth is I don’t know and most Nootropic vendors don’t know the specific legal status of their products in every country. To get legal questions answered accurately you really should ask an attorney, some countries have databases that you can use to look up the legal status of a given Nootropic but many frustratingly don’t or they contain contradictory information.

However, I can speak from significant personal experience as a traveling, nomadic Biohacker for 5 years. I’ve never had a problem; no border guard, police officer or customs official ever asked me about my Nootropics. I’ve shipped Nootropics to myself in plenty of countries and the biggest problem is paying the VAT taxes. I think as long as your Nootropics have some semblance of labeling and don’t look like narcotics the authorities couldn’t care less.

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While I worry about governments around the world constricting our Biohacking liberty my experience has been of a surprisingly libertarian world that couldn’t care less about what I consumed and transported across international borders. Furthermore, in the five years of being a popular personality in this sphere, I’ve communicated with thousands of Biohackers all around the world and I’ve never heard of a single incident when someone was prosecuted for using or transporting any type of smart drug.


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Watch: How to Buy Smart Drugs with Bitcoin

Most of these vendors do accept payment in Bitcoin (which I’m a big fan of!) I encourage Biohackers to use Bitcoin to buy their Nootropics whenever possible. Some Nootropics vendors even encourage payment in cryptocurrency, like RUPharma who offers a 10% discount.

My Recommendations

I have new vendors and companies that hit me up almost daily looking for my endorsement, most of which I ignore but the companies listed here have the credibility indicators that I’ve come to pay attention to over 8 years using +100 different smart drugs.

Adventuring philosopher, Pompous pontificator, Writer, K-Selected Biohacker, Tantric husband, Raconteur & Smart Drug Dealer 🇺🇸

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