Where Travala’s AVA is Accepted Locally and Globally

Who accepts AVA…

Where Travala (AVA) is Accepted Locally and Globally — on MarketplaceGOLD

Should you buy AVA?

  • AVA is hard-cap, fixed supply crypto, and deflationary as they burn tokens quarterly.
  • You also get AVA paid a few AVA tokens when you publish reviews of the travel experiences you’ve had via their marketplace.
  • Travala has some real corporate muscle behind it, being backed by Binance and partnered with Booking.com.

About AVA

Originally published on MarketplaceGOLD.com. I’m an independent researcher passionate about financial antifragility and economic philosophy, not a licensed financial adviser. This is not financial advice. Please practice skepticism and critical thinking. Affiliate links in this article support MarketplaceGOLD.



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Jonathan Roseland

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