Where Travala’s AVA is Accepted Locally and Globally

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AVA is the coin of the realm of the Travala travel marketplace, which you can use to book stays in over 2 million hotels worldwide along with paying for flights and a wide range of travel experiences — all with cryptocurrency. Travala allows you to pay for travel with over 40 different cryptos, AVA included of course. With Travala achieving prominence as the digital destination for traveling with crypto, the AVA token is accepted by all sorts of businesses as payment, from Louie’s Lures in Illinois offering handcrafted fishing tackle gear to Surf Ranch Resort in rowdy San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua.

Who accepts AVA…

Are you an Entrepreneur, freelancer, or manager of a business accepting cryptocurrency?

Should you buy AVA?

If you travel regularly, for business or pleasure, and use Travala, it makes a lot of sense to hold AVA. Staking AVA not only pays an APY of about 8%, but it also entitles you to different travel and loyalty rewards, like discounts and cashback on flights and hotel stays.

  • AVA is hard-cap, fixed supply crypto, and deflationary as they burn tokens quarterly.
  • You also get AVA paid a few AVA tokens when you publish reviews of the travel experiences you’ve had via their marketplace.
  • Travala has some real corporate muscle behind it, being backed by Binance and partnered with Booking.com.

If you love to travel and have got crypto to spend, why would you give your money to TripAdvisor or Expedia? Stake some AVA and enjoy all those rewards on some (hopefully unforgettable) travel experiences…


Call me a pessimist, but I am not bullish on the travel industry; rolling COVID lockdowns have wrecked the tourism-driven economy in many places. Hotels, airlines, and local businesses are, of course, eager to serve tourists around the world, but uncertainty about future economy-strangling lockdowns threatens travel businesses, large and small, around the world. The COVID pandemic/plandemic has and will continue to do much to erode the middle class in the first world that has historically created the market for global travel. Draconian vaccine passports will exclude many from the travel they might otherwise do, while the mainstream media’s fearmongering about the latest COVID variant will make the vaccinated think twice about getting on an airplane to share air with a bunch of strangers. Furthermore, given the global uncertainty, the crypto crowd (that Travala targets) is going to be a lot more likely to hold their crypto as a hedge against inflation than use it to fund a decadent vacation. So I just don’t think that long-term prospects are good for the industry.

About AVA

What is AVA? As the native cryptocurrency of the Travala.com platform, AVA (BEP-2 token standard) is at the heart of all existing and future use cases Travala.com is pursuing. With AVA, the incentive to use Travala.com becomes even stronger as it provides additional benefits and enhanced user engagement.

From travala.com

With the introduction of AVA into the business model, the incentive to use Travala.com becomes significantly stronger. On top of Travala.com’s existing strengths, the addition of AVA provides additional benefits and enhanced user engagement.

AVA features front-and-centre in our unique selling proposition to users. It can be used as an additional method of payment for bookings, or as the sole payment method for special offers. It can be used for access to enhanced rewards, or directly recouped for the equivalent fiat value on partner exchanges.

From the Travala whitepaper

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