White people should really watch this repugnant music video by the rapper TentacionXXX…

I’m a big fan of this video because it will (hopefully) wake up millions of normie white Americans to just how much black people hate us, the impending white genocide and instill a defensive sense of identitarianism.

In 2018 America…

  • LGBTQers use leftist identity politics to promote their interests.
  • Latinos and Mexicans use leftist identity politics to promote their interests.
  • Jews use leftist identity politics to promote their interests.
  • Women use leftist identity politics to promote their interests.
  • Muslims use leftist identity politics to promote their interests.
  • And blacks aggressively use leftist identity politics to promote their interests.

It’s becoming increasingly evident that white identity politics are the only hope for preserving Western Civilization.

I’ve lived for years in implicit white ethno states in Eastern Europe…
Poland is driven by Polish identity politics
Hungary is driven by Hungarian identity politics
Bulgaria is driven by Bulgarian identity politics
Russia is driven by Russian identity politics
Ukraine is driven by Ukrainian identity politics (although less so than the others)
And these nations and peoples will still be around in 100 years, maybe even a 1000 years. You can’t say the same for the United States, France, Germany, Canada or England.

We need white identity politics in the US. It’s our only hope.

This music video does more to promote white identity politics than a hundred Richard Spencer videoblogs or Alt Right tiki torch rallies.

“Look At Me!”

The song’s grammatically retarded title speaks volumes — You would think for a lyrical manifesto on racial justice TentacionXXX & Co could have come up with a more relevant title like…

  • The Black Man’s Revenge
  • Justice served!
  • Lynching white america

or whatever!

Instead, the title betrays the artist’s true intention of creating controversy and racial animosity for the primary purpose of self promotion and personal gain. It’s not about the victims of police violence, the victims of black violence or the victim of the Alt Right it’s just about TentacionXXX getting his 15 minutes of fame as a rapper.

Race War Propaganda

The video is monetized, not age restricted and has been promoted by Youtube, this is the primetime programming that the social justice masters of universe in Silicon Valley want us ogling. In the war that the left is trying to instigate, TentacionXXX is an unwitting propagandist and (at +8 millions views) a race war profiteer.

On Racial Violence

The transitions from beating up a classroom of white people, to lynching the little white boy to his rambling little social justice statement captures the violent schizophrenia of the left.

It purports itself to be a statement on violence but that couldn’t be more hypocritical, coming from a disgusting human being who beat up his pregnant baby’s momma. TentacionXXX is an intellectually (and likely literally) syphilitic savage who represents the hell on earth that the libtards will create if they succeed in burning down Western Civilization.

The left disguises itself as these slick virtue signaling politicians, news commentators and public intellectuals but this pathetic excuse for a hip hop artist unintentionally bears naked soul of the left in all it’s monstrous ugliness.

Adventuring philosopher, Pompous pontificator, Writer, K-Selected Biohacker, Tantric husband, Raconteur & Smart Drug Dealer 🇺🇸

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