Why 911 Doesn’t Matter…

I recently watched a very well produced documentary by obviously a very critical and thoughtful filmmaker. It certainly stimulates the spine-tingling cognitive dissonance that exploring the details of 911 should trigger for anyone who’s able to think for themselves.

I’ve watched (what seems like) ALL the 911 documentaries on Youtube and WAY too many Alex Jones videos about 911. Which has drawn me down a rabbit hole of Internet weirdness exploring conspiracy theories about…

  • JFK Assassination
  • Climate Change
  • Pizzagate
  • The Flat Earth Theory
  • The Mandela Effect
  • The Nazis and the Holocaust
  • The Rothchilds and Illuminati
  • The Jews and Zionism
  • Faked Moon Landings

For me at least, the rest of these conspiracy theories are pretty unimpressive, even though many of them contain a nugget of veracity. The level of evidence with 911 is so high that the rest of the conspiracy theories are pretty underwhelming. The case for a malicious conspiracy with 911 is so strong, that in comparison there are just gaping holes in the reasoning of these other conspiracy theories.

Yet after watching this most recent documentary, I come back to this question…

Why does it matter?

Let’s say hypothetically that…

911 was an inside job, traitors within our own government planted bombs in the building, all as part of a grand plot to erode American freedom, drawing us into endless wars that would ultimately usher in a New World Order where we would all serve as unwitting slaves of the Rothschilds, the Illuminati or whoever.

What should I do about that?

They have (literally) almost all the money and military might in the world.

I’m just a 34-year-old website developer and writer.

I just have my laptop, my green tea, and my coconuts.

What can I do?

If such a diabolical force exists in the world, wouldn’t me attacking it really be tantamount to a mosquito attacking a tyrannosaurus rex?

If you are rational, you will conclude that there is not a lot that you can do about it. Which is why a lot of people categorically disregard conspiracy theories — why waste the cognition on them?

Some people might say:

Don’t be so defeatist! Make a website, write a book, make Youtube videos or try to wake up people around you!

There are a lot of other, more capable people, fighting the information war like…

I’m really not going to do a better job of disseminating information than these guys — who I don’t agree with on everything but they clearly very effective at pushing back against this statist global world order that is being imposed on us without our consent.

Instead, I think we should ask what is a rational response to a diabolical cabal of globalist elitists who conspire to commit terrorism, start wars and enslave us?

I think it’s…

  • To be a highly disciplined critical thinker that questions everything mainstream.
  • Building a tribe both locally and on the Internet of like-minded people.
  • To free myself of wage slavery by becoming an entrepreneur.
  • Biohacking myself with smart drugs, Adaptogens, and technology.
  • Make myself financially antifragile by using Bitcoin or investing in gold.
  • Avoiding toxic foods and products of bad science.
  • Preparing for disaster and calamity.
  • Being highly skeptical of politicians.
  • Training my body to be physically robust.
  • Healthy skepticism of institutional, entrenched power structures and establishments.

The rational response to a malevolent conspiracy is the personal development that you should be doing anyway.

Of course, 911 matters.

Truth matters. Justice matters. Those nearly three thousand people who lost their lives that day matter. The first responders still suffering matter.

What I mean is that I’m not sure if the conspiracy theory matters any more

I fail to see the personal development take away or actionable value from conspiracy theory documentaries if I already accept that…

  • The government is immoral.
  • The government is an organized criminal syndicate.
  • The government is fundamentally structured for corruption and moral hazard.
  • The government can and likely will spy on you.
  • The government will always betray you.
  • The government is in the business of inventing problems that it pretends to fix.
  • The government should be shrunken and its power should be limited.
  • The government is NOT to be trusted at all.

If my friends and family accept the above, is there any reason to try to convince them that 911 was an inside job?

I’m pretty sure that almost everyone who could be convinced by the evidence of the 911 conspiracy has been. By continuing to talk about it, I’m not sure if we are doing more good than harm. I don’t think I’m going to try to red pill people anymore with 911 truth.

What I will do is remind people that they don’t deserve freedom, freedom is not owned, it is rented and rent is overdue.

I suspect that in the coming decades the truth about 911 will bear itself out and it will turn out that bad actors in the US government played a part. And it will be met with a collective shrug by the country and the world. People just won’t care that much. The limited investigations that the authorities will do will find that the conspiracy was limited to very few bad actors that have already passed away. The ultimate I told you so moment for millions of red pilled 911 believers will be the Pyrrhic victory.

Changing people’s minds is notoriously hard, especially when it comes to political and ideological matters. However, in the wake of upsetting events is actually the best time to try to red pill people. The day after the recent Barcelona terrorist attack, when everyone else was doing the formulaic virtue signaling with the hashtags and the flag filters I lost of some Facebook friends with this vitriolic rant

A surprisingly civil discussion ensued

And my own mother scolded me for not being more compassionate and sensitive to people I have casual digital acquaintance with who may have lost loved ones. I responded that it was not that long ago that I myself strolled Ramblas in Barcelona — it could have been me, run down by that truck… Or you.

If I lose a few Facebook friends over it I couldn’t care less. I have real-life friends. I’m desired, cherished and loved in real life because I’m the kind of guy that stands up for things. The truth is that the best time to wake people up is when they are reeling from the cruelty of reality.

I have a degree of enmity for the conspiracy theorists because in my view they failed. Despite…

  • Their Youtube documentaries being viewed billions of times.
  • All the books and white papers they wrote.
  • All the 911 truth conferences and activism that happened.
  • All the friendships and thanksgiving dinners made awkward by that one guy who insisted on talking about 911.

…the governments of the world were still able to use 911 as a pretext for this decades-long war on terrorism that has burned trillions of dollars and lives and accomplished very little. Without 911 and the resulting geopolitical events, Europe would likely not have developed all of its Islamic problems that have resulted in Draconian anti-free speech, hate speech laws being enacted. Through Google, the government can spy on our every word and deed through technology that has seeped into nearly every aspect of our lives.

It was said in the Soviet Union that the only time you could actually freely speak your mind was to your wife, in your bedroom, with the lights out, in bed in low tones under the covers. Well, now that we all use our damn smartphones in bed, you need to worry about the government spying on you even there!

The 911 conspiracy theorists failed to prevent the government from doing that which is in its nature; constricting freedom. If George W. Bush was right and the terrorists hate us for our freedom, isn’t it clear that…

The terrorists won.

What to do about it…

There’s not much silver lining to 911, it was an atrocious and preventable act of terrorism followed by 17 years of losing the war for freedom. But I’ll try to end this article on an upbeat note…

For the past 10 years, I’ve quite aggressively pursued personal development. I’ve spent a lot of time with like-minded men (mostly) who were on the same path to mastery. These guys are busy; working on their small businesses, honing their seduction skills, hitting the gym or doing meditation. Men who are practitioners and doers, not theorists.

Almost categorically they subscribe to philosophically robust freedom, I can predict their politics within a few seconds of sitting down with them. I’ve never met a serious political leftist who took cold showers, was passionate about Mitochondrial supplementation or woke up early to hit the gym.

As Dr. Jordan Peterson said in a recent interview…

“The well developed man is the antidote to tyranny in society”

I suspect that the conspiracy theorists tried to right the great injustice of 911 without an equal devotion to personal development. You can do better.




Adventuring philosopher, Pompous pontificator, Writer, K-Selected Biohacker, Tantric husband, Raconteur & Smart Drug Dealer 🇺🇸

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Jonathan Roseland

Jonathan Roseland

Adventuring philosopher, Pompous pontificator, Writer, K-Selected Biohacker, Tantric husband, Raconteur & Smart Drug Dealer 🇺🇸

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