Why NMN is the best NAD anti-aging supplement

Biohacker Review: The Epigenetic Vitamin is Tasty!

I was pleased to receive our package from Youth & Earth promptly (and without any customs fees or paperwork!) NMN was the first supplement my wife and I took, after reading and hearing so many good things about NMN, I was excited to try it. We began by taking just one little scoop once daily. Apparently. the ideal way to take NMN is sublingually, but like Dr. David Sinclair, I just dumped mine in the tasty Bulgarian probiotic yogurt that I enjoy every day.

Got EMFs?

I strongly recommend doing a supplemental cycle of an NAD+ precursor (like NMN) if you, like me, don’t plan on giving up your smartphone to mitigate EMFs. As we learned in the book EMF*D, the non-ionizing radiation from your smartphone and wifi is toxic; it hurts your sleep quality and causes DNA damage. If you live in a city there’s no way to get away from these EMFs; you can get rid of your wifi router but will your neighbors? Unless you’re going to go full Into the Wild and flee from society your biology will have to deal with toxic EMFs so do a cycle once or twice a year of an NAD+ precursor-like NMN to fuel your PARP system that repairs DNA damage.

Sip NMN cofactors

NMN has two important cofactors; Resveratrol and Pterostilbene. NMN is not cheap stuff so you would want to take it with these two to maximize the biological bang for your biohacking buck — I created the Epigenetic Awesomeness Protocol for cycling the three. But, if you know much about red wine, you’ll know that grape skin is a concentrated natural source of both Resveratrol and Pterostilbene. So having just completed 3-months of no boozing, NMN gave me a great excuse to have a glass or two of vino daily! Contrary to what the mainstream media told you red wine is not “healthy” BUT Youth & Earth also sent me a bottle of tasty mango-flavored Liposomal Glutathione solution, which is renowned as a boozing biohack. The master antioxidant keeps hangovers at bay and does much to repair the damage wrought by the acetaldehyde that alcohol metabolizes into.

If you’re a puritanical biohacker supplement Resveratrol and/or Pterostilbene alongside NMN, BUT if you’re an ethical hedonist like myself, supplement Glutathione, and tip back a bit of red stuff guilt-free!

NMN fits into the overlapping categories of anti-aging biohack and perhaps Nootropic but not smart drug. It didn’t have any classic energizing Nootropic effects. At a dosage of 250 milligrams daily the cognition-enhancing effects are very subtle, if noticeable at all.

Having now tried both NMN and NR (Nicotinamide Riboside), NMN is my favorite for the simple reason that it doesn’t taste bad at all (as many powdered supplements do).

Overview of recent NMN science

A few years back I did a deep-dive meta-analysis article and podcast about NMN, here I’ll summarize the more recent studies and scientific findings. Four clinical trials with NMN have been completed at this point, totaling 191 human participants…

  • The virgin trial was completed in 2019 in Japan and gave the epigenetic vitamin to healthy men in dosages ranging from 100–500 milligrams and deemed NMN safe.
  • A more rigorous randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind trial with 25 prediabetic American women was published in 2021 in the esteemed journal, Science. Its abstract concludes NMN increases muscle insulin sensitivity, insulin signaling, and remodeling in women with prediabetes who are overweight or obese…
  • A 2021 Chinese trial evaluated NMN as an athletic performance enhancer, giving it to 48 young and middle-aged recreationally trained runners in 300, 600, and 1200-milligram dosages. And it improved aerobic capacity in a dose-dependent manner, so the runner got more power out of the 1200 milligram dose than the 300 milligrams, as you would expect. With the exception of the single-leg stance test — apparently, 600 milligrams was significantly better than 1200 milligrams, if you’re going to stand like this.
  • A second clinical trial was done in Japan in 2022, evaluating its effects on Sleep Quality, Fatigue, and Physical Performance in Older Japanese Adults with over 100 human participants. Its abstract concluded, NMN intake in the afternoon effectively improved lower limb function and reduced drowsiness in older adults. These findings suggest the potential of NMN in preventing loss of physical performance and improving fatigue in older adults.

The very most recent peer-reviewed review article published in 2022, a collaboration between Chinese and Kiwi (New Zealand), looked specifically at the Promises and safety concerns of NMN and compares NMN with other NAD precursors, and it comes out looking like the king of the category…

In regards to DNA damage

…nicotinamide supplementation induced DNA damage and oxidative DNA damages in various tissues of the body such as renal and hepatic tissues… NMN has been proven to reduce DNA damage and accumulation of ROS

And insulin sensitivity in comparison with Nicotinamide Riboside

Shi et al. have shown that excessive dose of NR generated white adipose tissue dysfunction and heightened insulin resistance in mice. However, contradictory results have been reported with NMN supplementation as it reduced adiposity and enhanced insulin sensitivity


recently, NR has been granted Generally Recognised as Safe (GRAS) status by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which is yet to be achieved for NMN.

And the 2022 review underlines NMN’s safety; up to 1500 milligrams per kilogram (a pretty extreme megadose) a day for 3 months was found to be entirely non-toxic.

Importantly, this NMN is COA-verified as pure and free of toxins or additives by an accredited UK lab, as are all of Youth & Earth’s products. This proof of purity is what you should demand when supplement shopping, especially when it comes to a product in this price range. Because of their commitment to quality Youth & Earth makes the cut to be included as a recommended Limitless Mindset Secret Society, pick up over £200 worth of their products and you’ll be eligible for a 30-minute biohacking consultation and membership in our elite biohacker community.

Originally published on LimitlessMindset.com. I’m not a doctor, medical professional, or trained therapist. I’m a researcher and pragmatic biohacking practitioner exercising free speech to share evidence as I find it. I make no claims. Please practice skepticism and rational critical thinking. You should consult a professional about any serious decisions that you might make about your health. Affiliate links in this article support Limitless Mindset — spend over $100 and you’ll be eligible to join the Limitless Mindset Secret Society.



Adventuring philosopher, Pompous pontificator, Writer, K-Selected Biohacker, Tantric husband, Raconteur & Smart Drug Dealer 🇺🇸

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Jonathan Roseland

Adventuring philosopher, Pompous pontificator, Writer, K-Selected Biohacker, Tantric husband, Raconteur & Smart Drug Dealer 🇺🇸