Why smart drug addicts love Caffeine…

Caffeine boosts the Limitless neurotransmitters: Dopamine, Serotonin, Norepinephrine, Acetylcholine, Epinephrine, and Glutamate.

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Watch: Caffeine as a Nootropic: Pros vs Cons of Supplementing Caffeine
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In combination with Nootropics…


1–2-Go by Pure Nootropics (from $15)

My Lifehacking Morning Beverage Regimen

Before I go to bed the night before I fill my glass water bottle with water and drop two teabags in it, green tea and usually another tea variety with a little better taste, like Flor de Jamaica.


Coffee and Modafinil is one of my favorite combinations actually, since I don’t find Modafinil particularly energizing and it takes sometimes as much as 3 hours to kick in for me, I will wash them down with the dark nectar. The hardcore cognitive enhancing effect of Armodrafinil in combination with the stimulation of caffeine can be paranoia inducing for some people so go easy on the dosage.



This Racetam’s Ampakinic effect is nicely complimented by Caffeine.



Another awesome focus drug that’s not very energizing, is nicely complemented by coffee. Coffee seems like the only thing that can actually wash away the terrible taste of Phenyl.


This Nootropic stack is quite energizing so adding Caffeine to it is a bit of stimulatory overkill, but if I was just doing a single Excelerol capsule it seemed nicely complemented by a cup or two of Joe.



I haven’t tried this combination but according to Biohacking blogger extraordinaire Mike Minneman:

On Memory

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On Mood

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Athletic Performance

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Caffeine Infused Chewing Gum

Need a quick hit of energy? Caffeine is actually absorbed directly into the blood stream through the mouth faster than coffee, so a lifehack maybe to leave a package of Caffeine gum under your pillow and have a stick of gum as soon as your alarm goes off instead of trudging to the coffee maker half conscious to brew up a cup of joe.


Pros of Coffee

More antioxidants than red wine, blueberries and raspberries

Cons of Coffee

Acid Reflux
Brain Fog
“Coffee breath”
Heart Palpitations
Joint Pain
Stomach Discomfort

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Bulletproof™ Upgraded™ Coffee (from $19)

Natural Sources

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Caveman Coffee by Onnit (From $19)


95–200 milligrams per cup

Green Tea

(Camellia Sinensis) 25 milligrams per cup

Black Tea

42 milligrams per cup


(Cacao and Cocoa) 25 milligrams per 100 grams of dark chocolate


35 milligrams per 12 oz. Coca-Cola


(Paullinia cupana) 50 milligrams per gram

Yeba Mate Tea

85 milligrams per cup

Kola Nuts

Caffeine is a bitter compound, which some people dislike, if you combine it with the Umami taste family, it makes it more pleasant. My favorite source of Umami? Green tea.

Energy Drinks?

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Mechanism of Action

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Smart Caffeine by Natural Stacks

Tolerance & Addiction

While many daily users of caffeine will cheerfully state that they are addicted, there’s some debate as to whether caffeine is a drug that interacts with the pleasure nuerotransmitters similar to other addictive drugs. An extensive French review stated
“In conclusion, it appears that although caffeine fulfils some of the criteria for drug dependence and shares with amphetamines and cocaine a certain specificity of action on the cerebral dopaminergic system, the methylxanthine does not act on the dopaminergic structures related to reward, motivation and addiction.”
According to Examine.com taking a one month break from caffeine will significantly decrease tolerance.

Recommended Daily


  • Milk Thistle, Curcumin and Quercetin — Xanthine Oxidase inhibitors may increase the amount of circulating caffeine.
  • Apparently the enzyme that metabolises caffeine is actually upregulated by smoking, so there’s actually some efficacy to the cocktail of a cigarette and a coffee.

Side Effects

Sleep Quality

Caffeine is a potent anti-sleep agent. It’s recommended to leave at least 6 hours between your last cup of coffee and bedtime. Personally I make it a point to switch to tea after 12PM just to keep my sleep cycle unmolested.
Even if you’re a person who manages to fall asleep within a few hours of drinking coffee, it will hurt the quality of your sleep.


Methamphetamine, mixes particularly poorly with caffeine. So starting your day with an Adderall and a cup of steaming coffee is not a good idea.
Propranolol or other beta-blockers.

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