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The other day I indulged in a bit of a long time guilty pleasure of mine; watching a conspiracy theory documentary!

Like so many conspiracy theory documentaries it was about 911. It was pretty well produced and certainly stimulated all the spine tingling cognitive dissonance that exploring the details of 911 should trigger for anyone who’s able to think for themselves.

I don’t really care to debate 911 or any other conspiracy theory at this time. I have a more meaningful question for you to ask yourself…

How should I live if the conspiracy theory is actually true?

Let’s say hypothetically that…
911 was an inside job, traitors within the government planted bombs in the buildings, all as part of a grand plot to erode freedom, draw us into endless wars that would ultimately usher in a New World Order where we would all serve as unwitting slaves of the Rothschilds, the Illuminati or whoever…
…What should I do about that?

Well, I’m just a 32 year old website developer and writer.
And they have (literally) almost all the money and military might in world (according to the conspiracy theory)
I just have my laptop and my coconuts.
What can I do?
If such a diabolical force exists in world, wouldn’t me attacking it really be tantamount to mosquito attacking a tyrannosaurus rex?
If you are rational, you reach the conclusion that there really is not a lot that you could do about it.

So what is a rational response to a diabolical cabal of globalist elitists who conspire to commit terrorism, start wars and enslave me?

I would say that it is…

  • Being a highly disciplined critical thinker questioning everything mainstream.
  • Building a tribe both locally and on the Internet of like minded people.
  • Free myself of wage slavery by becoming an Entrepreneur
  • Biohacking myself with smart drugs, Adaptogens and technology.
  • Make myself financially antifragile by using Bitcoin and investing in Gold
  • Avoiding toxic foods and products of bad science.
  • Prepare for disaster and calamity.
  • Being highly skeptical of politicians.
  • Training my body to be physically robust.

The rational response to a malevolent conspiracy is the exact kinds personal development projects that you really should be doing anyways.

So next time you stumble upon a really engrossing new conspiracy theory documentary or get in a debate with a friend try to stay focused on the more important question. How should we live if it’s actually true?

Speaking of conspiracy theories, I’ve done a series of animated style videoblogs on one that’s kind of mind blowing called the Mandela Effect. It’s particularly instructive about cognitive biases and blind spots in our psychology. Check it out here
(Please don’t share this… Yet! I want to keep this under wraps for a little while longer)

What is the opposite of a content farm?
You guys who have followed me for a while may have noticed that I’m kind of decreasing the quantity of information I’m putting out. When I first started writing about Biohacking 5 years ago I would put out a few new articles every week. Now I put out about one new article once a week (sometimes less) because I actually want to thoroughly analyze the science on a given topic as opposed to just rephrasing what you will find on Wikipedia.
You’ve probably heard the phrase content farm; which refers to these websites that are kind of ruining the Internet by just putting out a massive quantity of articles that are produced by outsourced writers who make $3 an hour or (worse) writers who get paid by the advertising impressions that the article gets. What I’m doing is the opposite of that; I only write about thiings that I’m actually interested in and genuinely want to understand.

I finished just such a article about a Nootropic you’ll likely want to try, Gotu Kola. This is an Adaptogenic herb but unlike a lot of the Adaptogens I’ve written about extensively this one is genuinely a Nootropic. So if you’re interested in something that will (perhaps) cognitively enhance you the way that the Racetams or Modafinil do but comes out of the ground instead of a lab, it’s worth trying.

I have not yet tried this one myself yet but here’s what a friend of mine, a Finnish Biohacker reported:
Gotu Kola is a wonderful herb. I’ve been using it time-to-time since 2012. It provides anxiolysis, almost comparable to a benzodiazepine, yet it keeps your mind sharp. The most useful quality for me was this herb’s ability to provide positive outlook — I mean it’s almost impossible to not feel positive when taking it. I played poker in quite high stakes back in 2013, and we poker players are prone to “tilt”, meaning that for example when facing extremely bad luck it leads to frustration and the poker player starts playing impulsively or otherwise non-optimally. Gotu Kola prevents that, so in a sense it can give the player an extra edge.
Gotu Kola is also good if one likes to have some fun with recreational substances. It soothes out alcohol hangovers, helps with rebound anxiety from Phenibut if it’s taken too often and Gotu is even used for opium detox in Thailand.
It’s beneficial for social anxiety too, an actual shyness-killer for some. Approach anxiety is significantly lessened in my experience.
Tolerance slooowly developes eventually, takes many months. I’ve read someone had been taking it for over a year and the therapeutic effects still had remained.

New Videos
The Mandela Effect — Playlist
A series of videos I’m doing about this intriguing example of cognitive bias and mass delusion.
Your mind prefers language to math… — This very shareable little video contains a really cool brain trick that sure to make you a hit at cocktail parties… Well, I’m sure you’re already a hit at cocktail parties but everyone’s really going to think you are Mr (or Miss) smarty pants when you drop this on them!

New Podcasts
What to think about to go to sleep… — I’ve had an lively mind and an over active imagination for as long as I can remember; which has led me to lead a life of adventure and novelty seeking. The unfortunate downside to this is that also for almost as long I can remember I was on the insomnia spectrum; getting to sleep has always been challenge. There is always just so much to think about!
Gotu Kola the Adaptogenic Bacopa Cofactor for Spiritual Enlightenment

Updated Articles
Gotu Kola Meta Analysis
Red Flags of Bad Science
The authors of The conceptual penis paid $625, they published under fake names as part of a fake social research group, which Cogent Social Sciences did not catch. So for $625, approximately the same amount you would have to pay to score some cocaine, get drunk on champaign and bang a hooker in a chintzy hotel room in Vegas, anyone’s totally nonsensical opinions can be transformed into “science”.

Updated Infographic:
Nootropic Ingredients — A flowchart of Nootropics by category.
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